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 Shen Teishu

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Shen Teishu


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PostSubject: Shen Teishu   Fri 15 Jan 2010, 1:44 am

Name: Shen Teishu
Nick Name: The Bloody Terrorist / The Legendary Traitor
Age: 26
Rank: Missin Nin
Former Village: The Village Hidden Within the bloodshed
Kekkei Genkai: Destructive Blood - This ability allows the user to create and increase the blood in their body to near unlimited quantities and manipulate it in a form of ninjutsu. Also, the user can form hardened weapons by spilling their blood. The user may also concentrate their blood into an instant explosive. Flinging it towards the desired target, a snap of a finger could detonate the substance. The range and power of the explosion depends on the amount of the blood on the surface of the targeted object, while the amount of blood disintegrates most things. The blood must be on some sort of substances though, and cannot explode in mid air.
Element(s): Water and Earth
Special Traits: Shen is extremely skilled in Taijutsu and has become very advanced in agility. He also has a astonishing I.Q of 195. Also, because of Shen's elf-like ears, he has inhuman hearing beyond even that of a dog.
Personality: Shen has a very sadistic and manipulative personality. He doesn't take a loss well, however. In the past, he has shown a slight pleasure in killing. Shen is also very power hungry, as shown when he attempted to overthrow and take over the Village Hidden Within the Bloodshed. Even though his reasons for trying to gain power is mainly due to his obsession with creating order, to Shen, the only way to gain freedom and peace is to obtain power.
Appearance: Shen usually wears Chinese martial arts style clothing (a gi?) and he bears a distinct burn mark on the left side of his face.

Before he was a Missin Nin


Early Arc:
Its unknown where Shen was born. He was found at the waters edge of the Blood Beach in the Bloodshed village by a female slave. The only thing that hinted at his origins was a braclet on his tiny arm that read 'Shen Teishu', and so he was named such. The female slave who took him and raised him as her own kept Shen a secret from her master because she knew her master drank plenty of spirits, and was a violent shinobi.
As Shen grew up he did not truly understand why he was not able to go outside often, or why when people came into his adoptive mother's home he had to hide, but he never thought to question it. Eventually, his mother discovered Shen's strange Kekkei Genkai Ability while they snuck out to enjoy the night light. He was six at the time, and she noticed his ability when Shen cut his arm on a sharp rock by accident. Bleeding profusely, Shen blew up a small rock when the crimson liquid touched it's surface. This astonished his adoptive mother, compelling her to begin training him in a martial arts style that she learned from her parents. At age 7, Shen was already showing great potential in his training. He was happy and loved his mother.
This semblance of peace did not last long however. Eventually, his mother's master learned about Shen's existence. Coming home drunk more and more every day, he usually beat her and Shen would treat her wounds with shaking hands as he held back tears of rage, knowing his mother wouldn't want him to act rashly. But oneday he actually killed her..right in front of Shen. The only person he ever knew and actually loved in his life died as he held her in his arms, watching as the life drained from her limbs.
For such a young boy, this was too much. Shen became enraged, attacking the Shinobi in a reckless manner and revealing his Special Kekkei Genkai, which surprised the shinobi. After a vicious beating Shen was carried to the Chishiokage of the time, Faelyn. She was cruel with rules, even forcing slavery as punishment at times. Seeing the potential in the already broken boy, Faelyn ordered Shen to be trained in the arts of the shinobi for she saw him as a good way to increase military strength because of his ability.

Genin Arc:
Shen became a Genin at the young age of 10, at the top of his class. Three years after his mother had bled to death right in front of him, Shen's village was now under new management, with a new Kage. He had become a quiet child who kept to himself most of the time. He had swore to one day avenge his mother's death and kill the man responsible. Even though he had no friends, his teammates trusted him on missions, because of how quickly he excelled. Soon he was the strongest member on their team; not counting their Sensei. By the time Shen was 12 he was already at the level of Chuunin, maybe even Jounin shinobi, but he turned down the Exams each time they arose as he did not care for rank or position in the village. By now he also began to put on a false act of friendship towards people and his comrades. He gained friends even though he cared not for them. He found it as a means to hide his true nature and step closer to his goal of revenge.

Chuunin Arc:
Shen became a Chuunin at the age of 15. By then he had grown a deep hatred for the Bloodshed Village as a whole, and its laws and policies of the slaves that he found unfair, not knowing that most of these slaves had become what they were of their own free will. He thought his mother had died because she was forced into slavery. He had the trust of many shinobi of the village and friends, though they were all unaware that his friendship was fake, along with the emotions he revealed to others to gain friendship.
The entire time, he was planning to avenge his mother's death. He realized the shinobi who killed her was just a petty inconvience. The true way to avenge her was to become powerful and take over the village. Shen wasn't deterred with a new, kinder Kage. To him, it did not matter, Slaves were being used still and he hated it, still unaware of how the slaves became what they were.
Soon his mask of smiles and laughs began to disappear. He became more cruel and sadistic on missions, and was angry all the time, though he forced himself not to show it. Suspicions soon rose against him, and claims of him being seen training a select group of slaves for some reason were hollered after him everywhere he went, the town almost up in arms.. Nothing could be proven however and his close friends and comrades stood by him, insisting Shen was just using them as training dummies. Shen never took a slave, but realized he had to treat them the way that everyone else was for his plan to work. He openly treated the slaves as the rest of the village in general did, though it killed him inside. Eventually the suspicions against him were forgotten even though they should not have. The Village Hidden Within The Bloodshed would not realize their mistake until later.

Blooshed Village Coupe D'État:
The suspicions of Shen training slaves were in fact true. He was training some of the more badly abused in his plans to overthrow the government of the Village and seize the power for himself. He promised the slaves he was training them for Freedom and with Shen as Kage, a Revolutionary System in the Village would be put into place. No more slaves would be needed. Shen had even got into contact with several Bloodshed Shinobi who were against the slave system. They joined him on his plans. Little did they all know they were nothing more than pawns in Shen's plot. He wanted to obtain Power so much and so quick he became obsessed with it. He wanted power mostly to have control over everything. When Shen was 17 years old, a thunderous night marked the Famous Coupe d'État attempt on the Village. The slaves who were trained created Havoc tousling with other slaves, rioting while they fought causing a distraction for the shinobi of the village. Meanwhile, the Nin Shen had turned to his side attacked central village sites causing more disruption which led to the Chishiokage building being less protected as the Anbu and one or two Bloody Whispers were deployed. Time for Shen to make the final attack. He planned to assassinate the Kage and take over.
He killed multiple shinobi on his way there, but eventually he met a familiar face. It was the man who killed his Adoptive mother. After a brief, yet heated exchange of words they clashed and it was over in the blink of an eye. It was obvious Shen was no longer some child, and the difference in power was largely in Shen's favour. He infiltrated the Kage building, slipping past one of the guards but before he could even reach the Chishiokage, he was taken down by two Bloody Whispers that had stayed behind. His plan for vengeance had failed. He only got a glimpse of the Chishiokage Mira. He was scarred on the left side of his face after battling the Bloody Whispers protecting her. Glaring at her with his good right eye, Shen thought of how utterly he had failed.... She was right there, but it was like she was far away. Unreachable, untouchable... Meanwhile, the slaves who were causing havoc were killed and the traitorous Ninja who helped Shen were hunted down and killed as well, though it was unknown if any managed to flee the village. Defeated and humiliated, Shen somehow managed flee the village and never returned since that day...

Present Day Arc:
Nine years had passed since the famous Coupe d'État attempt on the Bloodshed Village. Shen was an outlaw and criminal , and for nine years he was in a state of humiliation and depression. He still planned to one day try to take over the village again one day; it was the reason he continued to live and become stronger. In his absence, two Chishiokages had already been the village leader the current one, Kuroya Hisu, was the daughter of Chishiokage Mira whom he tried to assassinate and was also the granddaughter of the cruel Chishiokage Faelyn. In his mind it seemed his entire attempt was a waste and was just a small smudge in the Bloodshed village's history. With no money or allies it seemed his goal would now be impossible..
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Shen Teishu


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PostSubject: Re: Shen Teishu   Sun 17 Jan 2010, 1:49 pm

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Shen Teishu
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