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 Buffy. No, not the vampire slayer. Just Buffy.

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PostSubject: Buffy. No, not the vampire slayer. Just Buffy.   Mon 25 Jan 2010, 1:31 am

Name: Milificent Buffy
Nickname: Buffy
Age: 16
Rank: Jounin level : D
Village: TRAVELER ~!

Alright. So. There's me. The name is? Milificent Buffy. But everyone calls me Buffy. Mainly because I hate my first name with a passion. So for your own sake? Call me Buffy. Or you will suffer much pain. There's not much to my past. Really, the typical emo childhood thing. I hated my family, but was stuck with them anyways. Me, being the totally badass rebellious child I am, gathered up a few of the other kids who hated the family as much as I did. I got both my older and younger brother to join, along with a few cousins. Man, were we foolish kids. We trained in secret, developing our own techniques and weapons. Each one of us had a special weapon glove, with unique abilities...

So anyways. We were like, training these abilities and whatnot... until finally, the day came. I wasn't the oldest in our little freaky cult or whatever, but I still had most of the say in what went down. So anyways. Because our family was a fucking evil mafia gang or something, we go attack them in their sleep one night, determined to kill everyone in our clan. So anyways. We were doing well in being the teenage homicidal... bitches or whatever. BUT?!... Eh. Our dad showed up with his brothers... Did I mention they were triplets? Yeah, well. They went ninja all over our asses and stuff. We never knew our parents were ninjas. We found out the hard way. It explained some of the odd shit some of us could do, though.

So anyways. My own two brothers were killed by my father, right infront of my eyes. I spazzed pretty bad, right there. In retaliation, I took my brothers' gloves, and killed his two brothers. Take that, dad. PAYBACK'S A BITCH-- Anyways. Moving on. So. After that. I had my tree cousins behind me, and we totally tackle fought my bastard dad. Well, we killed him. But. He sorta killed two of my cousins in the struggle. I was hurt pretty badly, and my oldest cousin was on the verge of death. But theeen...

See. My oldest cousin, being the oldest of us and stuff, sorta... was the brains behind our uber awesome weapons. As a result, he said he had some cool shit to do in his last moments of life... He took all six gloves we had made for us, and did some magic voodoo stuff... I didn't really see what he did. I was occupied with trying to NOT let him die. But. I failed.

So, he died... but not before he finished his strange shit. He made one uber mega glove, that sort of... combined all the gloves, and morphed to our needs. After handing it to me... he sorta just smiled and died. it really sucked. He was a cool guy. But anyways...

Here I am, four years later, making it on my own. Still remaining badass, all the way. I still am kinda torn up about my clan. I sorta was the root of that inter-family battle. I effectively killed my whole clan. Which felt kindof evil. But I moved on... not really. But yeah.

Since then, I've unlocked a few things of my kekkei genkai... because apparently, we WERE in fact a ninja clan. The adults just didn't bother to share this fact with us. Jerks... BUT ANYWAYS~! That's my story. I guess I could share a bit more about myself though.

I guess I have a pretty blunt personality. I don't hide shit from people, and I never really lie. Unless it's fully needed. I have a knack for pissing off people I don't like. It's really, like... a GIFT. Natural talent, I tell you...

I LOOOOOVE caffeine, sugar, treats, candy, and all that jazz~! Junk food is god. I would worship it, if that wasn't so pathetic. I sorta hate jerks... liars, stereotypes, silence, and boring stuff~! I'm a little more of a morning person, so I get a little... edgy at night. Beware of me at those times. And besides that.... That's all I feel like telling~! Take that, world~!

Last edited by Milificent Buffy on Sun 28 Feb 2010, 7:08 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Erza Isadora :: Leader
Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Buffy. No, not the vampire slayer. Just Buffy.   Mon 25 Jan 2010, 1:38 am

:D I LIKE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry Fields Forever
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PostSubject: Re: Buffy. No, not the vampire slayer. Just Buffy.   Mon 25 Jan 2010, 1:57 am

Thank ye, thank ye.
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PostSubject: Re: Buffy. No, not the vampire slayer. Just Buffy.   

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Buffy. No, not the vampire slayer. Just Buffy.
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