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 Kuroya Hisu, The Long-Awaited Bio.

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Kuroya Hisu


Female Posts : 135
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PostSubject: Kuroya Hisu, The Long-Awaited Bio.   Sun 07 Feb 2010, 1:55 pm

Name: Kuroya Hisu

Nickname: Kuro. Not to be used unless you like an early death. C:

Age: 23 or so~

Gender: Female.

Rank: Chishiokage

Former Rank: N/A

Village: Bloodshed

Affiliations: Eh, N/A, I think. e we

Elements: Fire, Water, Shadow/Darkness. c:

Kekke Genkai: Tainted Blood/ Blood Puppetry

Personality: Kuroya is a cold, hard person that hardly emits a drop of emotion. It was the way she was brought up as Leader of Bloodshed, and as her village is very tough to get by in, her heart must be hard aswell. She enjoys to indulge herself in riches and fancy clothing, always looking preemed and primped and fancy. However she is not stuck up or spoiled, having no family. She likes getting down and gritty to do dirty work for herself, but on a lazy day will not hesitate to send off others to do her work.

Appearance: Rather tall, with around DD 36 size breasts, accompained with a large buttox. She has just-below-the-waist long green hair, and cold black eyes. She likes fancy dresses and gowns with high heels, and her favourite color is green- it's in almost everything she wears. (...Hur hur. e we)

Bio: When Kuroya was a small child, she was weak and frail and lecherous, always leaching to people around her for help with the simplest of tasks. She could honestly do nothing by herself and was depressed often, moping around the Mansion lazily, always having others around to do her work. Her mother, Mira, was the Leader of the Bloodshed, also known as The Kingdom Of Carnage, a village trained as ninja, all exempt fighters and worthy assasins. Though Mira was kind and sweet, frail but strong, and every member of the village loved and respected her.

However, her Uncle, Kazuhito Hisu, did not like his sister Mira's position as Leader at all. He was cruel, sarcastic and narrow-minded, and thought the position was his- until Mira took it from under his nose. He was enraged, yet for years, he kept it buckled.

Yet, on the night of Kuroya's tenth birthday, Kazuhito slayed Mira in her sleep. Kuroya couldn't sleep that night, and sos he sat wide-eyed the entire night on her bed, listening to the struggle between her Uncle and her Mother, yet she did nothing. She was useless, and she loathed herself for it.

The next morning Mira was discovered dead, and Kazuhito, 'horribly saddened from what happened to his sister', took over the village in her place like he had always wanted it. Kuroya and Kuryu ran away that day, afraid to be swept up in the wave of terror Kazuhito was wiping over the land, and for fear of being slayed themselves.

The twin ten year olds lived in the forest on the outskirts of the forest for 3 years, watching the village be degraded and dimenished under thie Uncle's rein. They watched from the shadows, building themselves up for something. To do something. Too free their people, but they where just children, and it occured to them that they could indeed not do much... Yet they made a plan that just might work.

On the night of Kazuhito's right of passage, which may only be taken after three years of running the village. It occurs on the ridge of the Volcano, and so as Kazuhito made his way there during the full moon, Kuroya and Kuryu followed, keeping to the shadows.

Kuryu came up behind him as he knelt over, giving praise, and pushed him into the volcano. Kazuhito, hearing him at the last moment, grabbed Kuryu's hand and thrusted him into the volcano, saving himself. Kuroya stuck to the shadows, eyes wide as she watched her brother die infront of her, yet once again, she did nothing, fear incapacitating her.

For 3 more years, Kuroya lived in the forest alone, loathing every morsel of her being. She trained and she trained, sending her emotions to dust and building opon every aspect of her being, fueled by the hate of her Uncle. On the night of her Mother's death, Kuroya snuck back into the village.

There was a struggle, oh yes. A large battle, raging for hours went on between her and Kazuhito. Eventually she came out the victor, binding his soul to his body even after death, and yet his soul was warped. This puppet was to be named 'Larkin'.

At the young age of 16, Kuroya took after her reign once more, in the place she had alway belonged, in the right mind state, and yet she was too late. There was not a person she loved in the world anymore, and her heart grew cold.

Though one day, Kuroya found someone she could love. A cast-out from the clan Kaen, Masumi Kaen was stranded and lonely. Feeling a twinge of sorrow for the girl, Kuroya took her in as her adoptive sister, giving her the new last name of Saitou, and rebuilding her as one of her most trusted warriors.

Family: Family: Father-- Aynomous, Deseased
Mother-- Mira Hisu--43 @ TOD--Deseased
Twin Brother-- Kuryu Hisu--13 @TOD--Deseased
Uncle-- Kazuhito Hisu-- 48 @ TOD-- Deseased. Soul bound to Kuroya's first puppet, Larkin
Adoptive Sister-- Masumi Saitou-- 20?-- Living, was dead for about a half hour.
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Pandora Phobia


Female Posts : 875
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PostSubject: Re: Kuroya Hisu, The Long-Awaited Bio.   Sun 07 Feb 2010, 11:52 pm

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Raizo Yotsuki


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PostSubject: Re: Kuroya Hisu, The Long-Awaited Bio.   Sun 07 Feb 2010, 11:55 pm

Cant help but feel responsible..hehehe..fear the cane..fear it >)
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Kuroya Hisu


Female Posts : 135
Join date : 2009-12-20

PostSubject: Re: Kuroya Hisu, The Long-Awaited Bio.   Mon 08 Feb 2010, 5:33 pm

I made it ages ago.
Needed it for Gaia to get comissions for Kuro.
Finally got one person to draw her, though I don't know when I'll get it. ; w;
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PostSubject: Re: Kuroya Hisu, The Long-Awaited Bio.   

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Kuroya Hisu, The Long-Awaited Bio.
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