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 Tenchi`s jutsu`s

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Tenchi Hozhimi

Tenchi Hozhimi

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PostSubject: Tenchi`s jutsu`s   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 7:39 pm

Name: Fire Dragon Flame Missile
Rank: B
Description: First the user inhales air and then exhales a long stream of incredibly hot fire from the user's mouth like that of a flamethrower. Tenchi is able to use this technique with such an intensity that the flames become white.

Name: Hiding with Camouflage
Rank: A
Element: N/A
Description: By controlling the reflection of light from one's surroundings with chakra, one can make oneself invisible. This allows the user to sneak up on their enemy without being noticed. It is impossible for people with normal eyes to find out the user's location. Only those with special eyes like the Sharingan or Byakugan can see through this technique.

Name: Electromagnetic Murder
Rank: B
Element: Lightning
jutsu allows the user to create a wave of electricity from the user's
hands. This jutsu can vary in power from a small surge to shock an
opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through
solid rock. It is ideal to use in conjunction with a water jutsu.

Name: Lightning Destruction
Rank: B
Element: Lightning
user places his hands to the ground after converting their chakra in to
lightning. The user then sends an enormous bolt of electricity that
cuts through the ground in the direction of the target. The shape of the
bolt is a triangular with the base in the direction of the user and the
tip headed towards the target. It causes devastating destruction on its
way and generates enough heat and power to destroy whatever it comes
into contact with.

Name: Falling Petal Dance
Rank: B
Element: Wind
Description: This jutsu allows the user to summon a cyclone of petals to attack their opponent. The user can remain in one spot for the use of the jutsu, because he or she can direct it anywhere they desire. Therefore, the user can control the direction and power of the technique to the max as a last resort

Name: Ash burning pile
Description:The user spews superheated ash from their mouth. The ash is hot enough to cause third-degree burns on the victim, though only the flesh facing the user (where the ingition starts); thus the damage does not cover the entire body. Despite this, it is still fully capable of disabling an enemy due to the burns. Because it's composed entirely of ash, it stays in the air around the victim like a cloud. If the user clicks his teeth, the stagnant ash will ignite, creating a violent explosion.

Name:Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Rank: A
Description: Using this jutsu, Tenchi gathers some water
from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles.
she then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping
backwards before impact so she doesn't get caught in the crossfire.
While the needles do surround a target from all sides, they don't appear
above the target, creating an escape route. Tenchi is able to perform
this jutsu with one-handed seals, allowing Her to pin an opponent's arm
and attack while they cannot use any techniques themselves.

5 Name: Great Waterfall Technique
Rank: A
Element: Water
is a technique that forms a strong column of water to attack an
opponent. Due to the force of the water, the target will be fully
enveloped and at the mercy of the current as they are pulled away

Name: Water Release - Hidden Mist Technique
Rank: D
Description: This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a
dense mist, reducing visibility within the affected area. The density
can be controlled by the user, allowing them to create a mist so thick
that even they can't see through it. Though it can't fool the Byakugan,
against the Sharingan it is a most effective technique. Due to the mist
being created with the user's chakra, any Sharingan-user will see the
mist colored by their opponent's chakra, which will effectively hide the
user from the dōjutsu.

Name: Fire Shards
Element: fire
Fire shards is a jutsu that once the handsigns are formed and when the user places there hand on the ground there Enemy will be targeted with flaming spikes coming up from the ground.

Name: Lightning Release - Lightning Lance
Rank: C
Element: Lightning
Description: The Lightning Lance is a Lightning Elemental technique used by Tenchi. Tenchi will make the appropriate hand seals, Rat, Dog, Monkey, Bird and Ox, and gather Lightning elemental chakra into her hand. She will then summon a lance made of lightning into her hand. It can be used as a short-ranged weapon or can be thrown like a javelin for a long-ranged weapon.

Name: Sly mind affect.
Rank: C
Description: This jutsu causes the enemy to walk around in circles for hours by making it seem as if they're walking straight to their desired destination. The enemy eventually becomes exhausted after traveling the same path over and over.
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Agito Shuryu

Agito Shuryu

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PostSubject: Re: Tenchi`s jutsu`s   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 9:25 pm


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Tenchi`s jutsu`s
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