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 Lind's App Remake!

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PostSubject: Lind's App Remake!   Sat 27 Feb 2010, 8:08 pm

Name: Lind Rukyo

Nick Name/Alias: The Gravity Child / Rendo

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Elements: Water,Fire, Wind

Former Village: Leaf (tho not a missin-nin or rouge his existence is not known)

Rank: Unknown (His existence is unknown ..tho Has killed ANBU squads on several occasions)

Relatives: Akira Rukyo-Father, Agito Rukyo-Twin brother

Affiliations: None

Special Abilities: Can smell the Blood of someone in the wind from 6 miles away and pin point their location..he can also hold his breath for a whole 30 mins as he is personified as a Shark like Agito and is also as destructive as a dragon like Akira

Kekke Genkai: Raikirigon - When activated the Doujutsu instantly sees everything thing move at a slower rate and can see chakra flow, also the brain waves of the user became extremely active increasing reaction time and speed of thought. The Raikirigon can lock unto a person's chakra signature by looking at them tracking their position and movement by means of meters, miles,yards, longitude, latitude and altitude, if the eye closes for a few seconds the Lock is disengaged, Raikirigon also sees heat signatures tho cannot lock onto them and can see things from far distances unlike Agito's Raikirigon Lind has the Raikirigon in both eyes on at all times and cannot turn it off nor does it drain chakra

Personality: Lind is a Ruthless, sadistic and disdainful person who enjoys killing tho he does not truly shows this and can be called a jokester at times and has a playboy attitude towards women although he cares not for them and would discard them if they became nuisance and wouldn't even bother to save them..Lind is literally crazy due to the multiple thoughts in his mind although they never show themselves...

Appearance: Lind looks EXACTLY like Agito except for his hair style and he wears no eye patch and his Raikirigon is activated at all times..Lind also usually wears a hood

Bio: Lind was born in the leaf Village along with his Twin brother Agito although the leaf's information shows Agito being an Only child Lind's existence was kept a secret..he was born 7mins before Agito and his chakra was discovered to be very dark and extremely high for such a young age and was expected to have the chakra of a 4 tailed beast when Akira created the Raikirigon and implanted it into Agito's left eye Akira created two more eyes as his original Plan was to implant it into Lind whose dark chakra would surly bring out its full potential and Akira successfully implanted them..but before he could do the procedure to himself ANBU of the leaf arrested him and burned all his research work..tho Akira escaped and fled the village he did not leave alone..he carried Lind with him who was at the time 2 years old..through time Akira trained Lind and Lind's skill could be seen as a prodigy in the years to come Lind traveled with his father who often was cold to him Akira told Lind about his younger twin Agito when he was 9 years old they traveled the land of fire so Lind was able to some times sneak into the village posing as Agito because they looked exactly alike when Lind made his hair look like Agito's Lind secretly watched and studies Agito as he trained which made his style of fighting a somewhat mixture of Agito's and Akira's fighting and jutsu styles ..when Akira joined the Akatsuki Lind was used for assassinations and such tho the rest of Akatsuki knew nothing of his existence..eventually over time Akira who was trying to re-create the Raikirigon eye gave up on it as all the research of it was burnt and Lind had left Akira to pursue his own needs and traveled the continent killing countless people with out anybody even noticing caring neither for his Father Akira nor of the fact that his brother Agito knows nothing of his existence..eventually short time after leaving Akira, Lind discovered he had multiple thoughts in his head..his brainwaves were at a extremely high level due to the darkness and sheer amount of his chakra it developed
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Lind's App Remake!
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