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 The Albatross of the Cloud

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Nagare Warui

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PostSubject: The Albatross of the Cloud   Sun 07 Mar 2010, 4:03 pm

Name: Nagare Warui

Nickname: Albatross

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Rank: Jounin

Former Rank: -

Village: Kumogakure no Sato

Affiliations: -

Elements: Wakkusuton; Raiton

Kekke Genkai:

-Pantheon is an ability that takes the form of body part transformation. Or at least, that is what they say. In actuality the user is breaking their seal, and releasing part of their true form, which is a demon of some sort. The appearance of the demon differs with the person, but the basic abilities remain the same. No matter what animal or other representation/theme their demon follows, they don't get any special abilities, only the abilities provided below. Each level of the release provides certain boosts and come with their own rank, meaning the user has to be at the proper level to use it. The releases go as such:

E- This level of the release allows the user to either change the property of their hands, feet, teeth, or eyes. This means that they can develop claws, fangs, or their eyes would change. If they develop claws the boon that they gain is rather obvious, being that they can scratch and slash at people and tear into their flesh. If they develop fangs the boon is, again, rather simple in that they are able to bite with more force and possibly tear flesh away. The morphing of the eyes is a bit more complex. The eyes are a gateway to chakra, and as such if they release the eyes they are able to produce a small amount more chakra than before, meaning that they can preform a maximum of one more D-rank jutsu or two more E-ranked justu.

D- In this level the features being changed remain the same, but they are able to choose two things to morph. Should they choose claws, they can morph both feet and hands while still being able to morph one more thing, unlike E-rank which only allows for either the feet or the hands. The boons remain the same.

C- In this level of release they gain access to a clan-specific element, which takes the place of a natural element(like Doton or Katon), this element is wax. They can utilise the element only in release form at this level, and while in sealed form have access to no elements, as they have used up their element for the wax element, or Wakkusuton. They can, however, choose to not take on the wax element at this level and retain their original element. In the C-ranked release, the user's limbs and eyes both morph. Which limbs morph is up to the user of the release, whether it be legs or arms. The boon in chakra is greater this time, allowing them two D-ranked jutsu or one C-ranked jutsu higher than they could normally use. Their limbs changing has varying effects, depending on the animal they choose. This only means that the appearance of the release changes, the boon remains the same. The boon is simple, if they change their arms their strength and taijutsu levels are enhanced, and if they choose the legs their speed and jumping levels are enhanced.

B- In this level they are now able to use Wakkusuton outside of the release state. They also gain a new element, one of the five natural elements. If the person had chosen to not take on the Wakkusuton at C-rank release, they may choose to do so now instead of gaining their second natural element. In B-ranked release they may morph both sets of limbs, as well as their eyes. The boon from the eyes increases once again, allowing them two C-ranked jutsu or one B-ranked jutsu more than they usually would have. Wakkusuton will also cost three fourths of their natural chakra cost at this level, as it becomes more natural to them and less difficult to utilize.

A- This state allows the user to morph both sets of limbs, the eyes, and even sprout a demon-specific trait of their own; this meaning that they might sprout a tail, cat ears, wings, or possible a weapon that comes naturally with the demon release. The boons they gain in this state are obvious, as they have been stated before. Unlike the other states, this time the chakra boon does not increase with the eye release, but their Wakkusuton techniques will cost one-half less chakra outside of release state, and three-fourths less inside of release state.

S- This state is not recommended unless used with a Fuuinjutsu expert nearby. Once they release this state they go full demon mode, doubling every aspect of their statistics(power, chakra, speed, etc.). They will no longer have any human aspect left, unless of course their demon form has human aspects, and will no longer be in control of themselves. The demon form of theirs will take over. Chakra for Wakkusuton techniques will now cost three-fourths less indefinitely, unless the technique is S-ranked, in which case it doesn't get a discount on chakra. The only way to return to human for after this release is to have a Fuuinjutsu expert utilise an A or S-ranked seal on the user of the release, sealing away their demon form once again.

Limits on Release time:

Academy Students - Can release E-ranked kekkei for three posts with a five post cooldown

Genin - Can release E ranked Kekkei for four posts with a six post cooldown, D-ranked Kekkei for four posts with a five turn cool down, or C-ranked Kekkei for three posts with a five turn cooldown.

Chuunin - Can release E-ranked Kekkei indefinitely, D-ranked Kekkei for five posts with a six post cool down, C-ranked for four posts with a five post cool down, or B-ranked for three posts with a five post cool down

Jounin- Can release E-C ranked indefinitely, B-ranked for five posts with a six post cool down, or A-ranked for four posts with a five post cool down.

Kage/S-ranked Ninja- Can release E-B indefinitely, A-rank for six posts with a seven post cool down, or S-rank at the risk of completely losing their mind. After using S-rank they will be limited to only C-ranked release for the next four topics, should they return to their human form at all.


-This is less a Kekkei Ability and more of a Clan-specific Element, except that it manifests with the Kekkei and doesn't require mixing elements. Wakkusuton is its own element involving forming the user's chakra into melted wax. It acts very much like the water element, except that the user can harden their chakra into solid wax at any point in time, making it function more like the earth element techniques. The wax can be produced at a heat so high that it causes up to third degree burns, or can be made a little bit more dense than glass.

Personality: Nagare is... How shall we put it? Oh yes, insane. That's how we put it. She is insane, masochistic, sadistic, and lacking in anything but that pain-induced pleasure. She feels nothing more than pain, the pleasure from pain, and the fear of her own life ending. Besides that, she's cold as stone and hard as it too. She taught herself to feel no emotion, eliminate everything that humans felt, and turn herself into the ultimate weapon. Nagare prides herself in her age, as age is more than just a number to her. It is a representation of power, wisdom, and venerability. Because she is so off her rocker, she tends to do very chaotic and random things. Someone greets her and in return she kills a nearby animal; to her this is perfect logic. She is also extremely tactical, in that she uses her body and wiles to get what she wants. She is a seductress, a succubus of sorts, and very effective one at that. She feels no empathy or mercy, in fact she is disgusted by it. She enjoys her own pain a bit more than the pain of others, but not that much more. Nagare likes to toy with her victims, fuck with their heads before causing them extreme pain and ending their life. The screams of agony are what turn her on, and keep her going; her victims cries are generally followed by her moans of pure ecstasy. Though her targets are usually male, she does take an interest in both genders; after all, everyone hurts all the same in the end. Nagare suffers from extreme scopophobia, or the fear of being stared at. This is only in her human form, however, as she is a bit more insecure in that form. She hates when people look at her or stare at her, because she feels like they're plotting against her or thinking or plotting of nasty things to do to her.

Appearance: Nagare looks, and I know this will shock you, like an eighteen year old girl! Yeah, weird, right? I know. Anyway, like I was saying, Nagare is an eighteen year old girl. She has slightly tanned flesh, unmarred by acne or scars despite her age and career path. Standing at only five feet four inches, she appears to have reached her maximum height for life. Though she ways a little over one hundred pounds, you wouldn't know it from her appearance. She is nearly twig-thin, with a flat-yet visibly unmuscular- stomach. Upon the lower right side of this stomach is a tattoo of a black bird, her seal from the Pantheon KKG. Her arms don't appear to carry that much muscle in them, because her muscles are compact and wire-like. This is a result of more acrobatics and such than actual combat training. Nagare has a heart shaped face with sharp, defined features. Set in her eye sockets are matching cyan-colored eyes. These eyes are rimmed by black eye liner and eye shadow, bringing out the brilliant hue even further. Nagare's eyebrows are thin and arched, ebony in color just like her hair. Between those cyan eyes is a thin, bony nose. Her lips are also thin, and generally a light, rosy pink shade. She has high cheek bones, small round ears, and a regal air about her. Her smile is brilliant, revealing perfectly aligned, achromatic teeth, and her glare devastating as a storm at sea. She wears her ebony hair down around the sides of her head, pushing the bangs to frame her face, while the back is pulled into a ponytail that spans down half of her back. She enjoys wearing ear rings, though nothing massive and obnoxious. Moving on a bit lower, her neck is an average height, her shoulders not very wide. She has an average bust, which she generally keeps wrapped in a bikini top of some sort. Her favorite bikini top to wear is a white one with black pokadots, she has several of them. Within this bikini top, right between her breasts, is where she keeps five of her twelve throwing knives. They are fit into a tiny holster, allowing her for quick access to them. Her arms are long and slender, her hands small with longer, bony fingers. Fingernails painted black, both middle fingers containing ring blades. The ring blades take the form of dragons, with their jaws spread wide. Protruding from their mouth is a short, but lethal blade. This blade can collapse into the ring, or come back out with the click of the dragon's right eye, so she doesn't accidentally stab something she doesn't want to. Even further down, she has wide, shapely hips. This is because of her feminine qualities, brought on by puberty. She enjoys wearing jeans, which for some reason she finds much more comfortable than anything. Because she is so skinny, she will occasionally have to wear a black studded belt, to keep her pants from falling down. Her jeans are generally a navy blue or black in color, with black or yellow stitching. Wrapped around her shin, underneath the jeans, is the holster for her Grosse Messer; the biggest of her assassination arsenal. The almost short sword-like blade fits snugly in her jeans, since she broke off most of the cross guard on it to make it fit. On the other shin are the last seven of her twelve throwing knives. She prefers to wear converse sneakers, even when she is on a mission, for some reason. They have little traction and aren't great for climbing, but make little noise. She makes up for the lack of traction with her chakra climbing skills.

I am far too lazy to describe her demon form, so how about a pretty picture this time!?

Some great people are born, some people are born into greatness, some people are born on great days, and some people are born during great occurrences. Sadly, none of these instances were the case in the birth of Nagare Warui. Just as her last name implied, there was nothing great about her, or good at all really. But we won't find out about that for another twenty or so years. She was born from the womb of a woman who had never wanted her, in fact even the making her was far from her plans. She had been raped and nearly killed by a missing ninja, before being rescued and brought to Kumogakure. The labor was long and intense, and ended up at the point where it was one life or the other. However, the poor woman was never given the choice, and she would die during labor. Nagare was rescued and brought into the world, a lonely and very loud baby. The birth was a laborious event, and after ten minutes of screaming and crying, it took effect on the infantile Nagare. She would fall asleep and rest well that fateful day, and nothing else would happen. She would live a mostly boring life for the next five years, an orphan and unloved child with a twisted disposition. At the age of five she was caught strangling a kitten to death, smiling to herself as the cat writhed in agony as its lungs burned and eventually burst. At this point she was placed in a mental-health facility. For the next ten years she would be nurtured and kept captive, and she would begin to show "progress". In actuality she could easily out think the doctors, and trick them into thinking she was getting better. So at the age of fifteen she was let out, and went through a crash course in the shinobi arts. In under a year she became a genin, with all the skills she needed. She truly was a genius with ambition in their eyes.

The next three years would be when her life really started to pick up. She joined a squad with simpletons that she scorned for stupidity and incompetence. She would work with them for only two months, practically carrying the team herself; even the Jounin was a useless prick in her eyes. As she grew stronger and smarter, she began to develop a unique set of skills. She taught herself to feel no emotion, eliminate everything that humans felt, and turn herself into the ultimate weapon. Because of this she had no shame, she never grew embarrassed, and so seducing targets had become easier than her morning jogs. Only shortly after she developed this sadistic, twisted demeanour, her team was entered in the chuunin exams. The first third of the exam was easier than she could have possibly imagined, and so her team went on. The second exam was far more difficult for her; as it involved teamwork. Her team was absolutely useless to her, but if she didn't show up with them behind her, she failed the exam. So she kept them up to her pace, protected them, and got them through the exam by the skin of their nose. They would then enter the third chuunin exam. To Nagare's relief, this exam was far less team-oriented. She would excel in the preliminaries, due to an excessive number of shinobi passing the second exam. Her opponent, a bulky boy with two hammers as weapons, had the misfortune of facing off against her. The silly boy didn't even use a jutsu above D-rank, his mistake. Nagare would tear him apart like a rag doll through a paper shredder, leaving him a bloody mess and her the victor. Two weeks later, she returned for the real exams. Again she would show her superior intellect and power when she outmanoeuvred each and every one of her opponents, leaving them all in the dust. The end result; she was grudgingly given the Chuunin position. The only one of her exam that passed.

As a Chuunin she was excellent. Given actually competent allies, she used them like chess pieces in her missions, leading them to victories nearly every time. She was quite the tactician, though admittedly she failed in one-on-one combat against anything above a chuunin-level shinobi. Even then she struggled, though her intellect was superior; she just didn't have the right training for it. After a short year and a half she would be called into the office of the Hokage. It seemed she was getting a promotion. Even though she was an impressive leader, she had a set of skills much more useful for someone who could work alone. She was given the rank of Jounin, and would soon begin taking on almost all assassination missions, with only a few other missions mixed in there.
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Raizo Yotsuki

Raizo Yotsuki

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PostSubject: Re: The Albatross of the Cloud   Sun 07 Mar 2010, 4:32 pm

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The Albatross of the Cloud
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