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 Sakon & Ukon

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PostSubject: Sakon & Ukon   Sun 28 Mar 2010, 2:26 am

General Information
Name: Sakon & Ukon


Clan : Unknown

In-depth Information

Sakon and Ukon, being identical twins, look exactly the same, despite a few cosmetic and personality differences. Standing at 155.1 cm tall, both Sakon and Ukon have a dark blue shade of hair with long bangs. These bangs part differently on each of the twins, Sakon's being to the right whilst Ukon's being to the left respectively. This difference does not only let others tell one apart from another, but acts as a way to cover up both of the brothers' Cursed Seals which have been placed on their foreheads by Orochimaru. Both brothers have very sly, almost fox-like feminine facial features, with sharp and undaunting eyes. Sakon, being the dominant brother, usually plays the role of "host" to his older brother, Ukon, who resides within himself. Though Ukon lives and stays within Sakon's body almost like a parasite, Ukon's head can be seen protruding from the back of Sakon's lower neck where it splits off from Sakon's body.

As far as attire goes, both brothers are often seen wearing a dark shade of lipstick and darkened eyeliner accentuating their more feminine features. Sakon, for the sake of differentiating himself from his brother, wears a dark red-beaded necklace. Most commonly seen wearing the usual Sound Four outfit, consisting of a long light-brown tunic that extends down past their knees. The tonic has a pure white Yin-Yang symbol that is hollow in the center. The tunic is fashioned to their body with the help of a large purple rope that wraps around the front and ties in a bow on their backs. Sakon is seen wearing a large summoning scroll on his back that is also held; Ukon does not. Long, black bands wrap up to their forearms ending just below the elbow. They wear black, tight shorts coming to about mid thigh. Bandages are wrapped from just below the knee down to the ankle where the standard dark blue Shinobi-grade sandals begin.

Cursed Seal Level 1:
Both brothers have Cursed Seal marks placed upon them, each on the forehead covered by their parting bangs. Upon the release of the Cursed Seal mark on his their forehead, small black circular markings or trails begin to grow and spread across the right side of Sakon's face, and the Left side of Ukon's. This can be somewhat hard to notice at first as their bangs cover those regions. The Curse Seal markings tend to travel down the right side of Sakon's body first, extending down the right arm, leg and to the center of the chest before completely covering his whole body. This process happens in the exact opposite direction for his young brother, Ukon, whose Cursed Seal is placed upon his left side.

Cursed Seal Level 2:
The Second Level effects of the Cursed Seal are much more drastic in comparison to the First Level variety. Upon completely releasing the Second Level of the seal, both Sakon and Ukon's skin will change to a dark rust color followed by a demon-like horn protruding from their foreheads opposite of their respective Cursed Seal insignia. Both Sakon and Ukon also gain scale-esque armor like coatings over their Right/Sakon and Left/Ukon sides. This coating can easily deflect kunai and such as seen when they simply slap away a kunai flung at them from Kiba Inuzuka. Their hair grows in lengths extending beyond their shoulders, down their backs and across their faces. Both of their faces become elongated a bit as they grow sharp fangs and their teeth extend, sharpening, gaining a more demonic appearance if you will.

The personalities of the twin brothers deviate dramatically at times, though they both do take pride in being the current acting leader of the Sound Four, formerly being led by Kimimaro under orders of Orochimaru, an order forced upon the Sound Four for Kimimaro's skill far surpassing any of them, temporarily changing the name to the Sound Five. Sakon and Ukon tend to have different views with eachother on certain aspects. These differences only work to balance the brothers out. Both Sakon and Ukon hold Orochimaru in high regards as the Otokage, following his every order. Once being told that Sakon and Ukon are the strongest, fastest and most powerful of the Sound Four, they do not hide that fact. In fact that only fuels Sakon's cocky attitude and tenacity in battle. Within the Sound Four, Sakon and Ukon are held with the highest respect from Jirobo, Kidomaru and even the foulmouthed Tayuya.

[list]Sakon: Being the older brother Sakon tends to be the dominating one of the pair. Unlike his brother, Sakon is much more sadistic, cocky and cruel. He acts as the main host body for his younger brother and and takes advantage of his apparent overwhelming physical power, never doubting his own skills. He takes joy in breaking opponents down; demoralizing them, toying around with them before going in for the kill. Like a Killer Whale playing with its morning meal, tossing it about, the same could be said for him and his opponents. Sakon tends to be quite sadistic in battle, killing his opponents slowly, seeking thrill in the hunt. This may in fact be the biggest difference between Sakon and his brother as well as the other Sound Four members, as Sakon tends to play with his prey slowing down the group quite a bit. Another fatal flaw of Sakon would have to be his carelessness. As seen when he and the other Sound Four members are caught in Shikamaru's shadow technique, only to be saved by his brother Ukon launching a surprise attack on Shikamaru. His carelessness was also displayed when he stumbled into Kankuro's puppet technique being trapped inside the "Ant" resulting in his close call with death.

Ukon: The younger brother of the twins usually resides within his older brother's body sleeping, only coming out when needed. Some may consider Ukon as the true Sound Four leader, being the brain of the operations. Ukon appears to be quite intelligent and far more serious in comparison to his brother. Taking matters more seriously, Ukon always seeks to complete a mission with haste, avoiding unnecessary conflict, unlike his brother whose love of battle is far greater than his own. These differences help to balance the two out, as Ukon is often seen complaining and urging Sakon to speed things up so he can get back to sleep. It appears Ukon is the true leader between the twins also, as he holds a higher degree of influences over Sakon. While in combat, Ukon focuses on getting the fight over with quickly, going straight for the kill without wasting time, unlike his brother. Ukon is far less careless than his counterpart Sakon, keeping an "eye on his back," quite literally watching out for any attack and also "extending a helping hand," once again quite literally, as he will protrude an arm of his own out of Sakon's body to deflect or prevent Sakon's body being harmed. Ukon's lethargic nature is shown many times as he rants on about wanting to sleep or rest, being Ukon has far less stamina than that of his brother; due to Ukon always residing within Sakon's body, he feels strained when acting on his own.

Background Information

[Custom Info]

Sakon and Ukon born along the outskirts of Rice country on June 16th.
As young children, the twins were always seen together oftentimes being mistaken for one another. This strongly irritated the hot-headed, short tempered Sakon. The young boys lived a normal life until the age of 5 years old. It was at this time that their Kekkei Genkai: Soma No Ko first began to manifest. It started with only Ukon, but quickly manifested in Sakon as well. At first the young boys weren't quite aware of what was going on. Living in a rural village with no such ideas nor concepts of Kekkei Genkais, the people of the village began to wonder just exactly what Sakon and Ukon were.

It wasn't long after the Soma No Ko developed that Ukon had already learned to nearly master the use of the twin's Kekkei Genkai. He sought it as a way to always be by his brother Sakon's side, without having to worry about following him around every where. By combining or merging his body with that of Sakon, Ukon had become one with his brother. Unfortunately, the young twins were seen as a curse or demon. Not much time passed before Sakon had learned to utilize the Soma No Ko in the same way as his brother. Sakon used the ability to merge with people in a much more daunting manner. Suddenly popping his head out of other kids' stomachs and extending his arm through another's shoulder to slap and pester them... it was safe to say Sakon was the hyperactive one. Ukon was the stern one, being far more serious and intelligent.

Their actions and mischief didn't fly for long; by the age of 8 they had begun to become notorious for their ability and caused many problems within the small village before being banished. Exiled from their home by their parents, family, even friends, they soon realized they had no one to rely on besides eachother. Soon after their banishment, word of these unique boys soon reached the ears of the curious and fascinated Orochimaru. Traveling to the small village, he was soon made aware that the boys had no longer resided there. Through a few simple tracking techniques, it didn't take Orochimaru long before he was able to track and confront the two boys. Witnessing the boys' amazing ability, manipulation over their bodies on such a molecular level at such a young age, did nothing short of exciting Orochimaru. In hopes of furthering himself and his quest for knowledge, he took Sakon and Ukon under his wing and gave them shelter, a home within the confines of Otogakure.

Life in Otogakure was an experience in and of itself. Growing up and developing into a promising disciple of Orochimaru was both Sakon and Ukon's dream. He had given them hope, a home and a new lease on life. Of course this was all at a cost. Orochimaru sought to further his genetic knowledge through use of the boys, which he did. Unlike the others, Sakon and Ukon were never considered to be vessels for their master Orochimaru. He did, however, see great potential from both of the boys as they grew up to become fine sound shinobi. Part of Sakon was jealous and curious as to why they were never considered as possible vessels. He found out that Orochimaru had already set his eyes on a new vessel, one more promising and with an even greater Kekkei Genkai than Soma No Ko: Kimimaro of the Kaguya Clan.

Sakon was not pleased with word of Kimimaro; Ukon on the other hand had no real word on the issue as he respected and seemed to understand Orochimaru's dream, maybe even better then his brother. Still potential was there sitting in front of his eyes. Orochimaru salivated at the opportunity at hand, no longer being able to resist himself he placed a single Cursed Seal on both Sakon and Ukon's foreheads. The survival rate was said to be only ten percent. No. Less than ten. If the twins truly wished to become useful subjects to Orochimaru, this would be their first step in that process. Luckily it turned out they had taken the right step as fate and luck both rolled in their favor; the Cursed Seals were successful. This would be the start of the twins' quick rise to becoming one of the Elite within Otogakure no Sato.

[Canon Info]

It wasn't long after the success of the Cursed Seal mark before Sakon and Ukon found themselves leading Orochimaru's personal Elite Guards: The Sound Four. In the company of Tayuya, Kidomaru, and Jirobo, the Sound Four took on various missions under Orochimaru's orders. This lasted quite awhile as Orochimaru fixiated himself on his new vessel: Kaguya Kimimaro. It wasn't long before Kimimaro was brought into the Sound Four, causing a temporary cahnge in name to the Sound Five. Kimimaro replaced Sakon and Ukon as the leader for his skills far surpassed those of of the Sound Four. This wasn't done without complaint from not only Sakon and Ukon but from other Sound Four members as well, particularily Tayuya, who had seemed to be replaced as a possible vessel by Kimimaro. During the course of the Sound Four/Five, Sakon and Ukon came to complete many missions: 20 D-Ranked Missions, 15 C-Ranked Missions, 8 B-Ranked Missions, 2 A-Ranked Missions, and 1 S-Ranked Mission.

Shortly after, it seemed Kimimaro fell ill to the hands of fate. His body was dying; he was no longer a candidate for Orochimaru's vessel. Realizing this, Orochimaru was forced to set his eyes on someone just as skilled: Uchiha Sasuke. As an added perk, this would also help Orochimaru in his quest to learn every type of jutsu in the world. Kimimaro was tossed aside, coldheartedly abandoned, but still reliable to Orochimaru even as his body failed him. The duo didn't care, since they both figured they could serve Orochimaru and his ambitions better.

Taking part in the attack on Konohagakure, along with the now "Sound Four," once again Sakon and Ukon lead them squad to assist Orochimaru as he singled out the Third Hokage, sealing them within the Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment Technique. Unable to be harmed as the Sound Four stood under the protection of the cone structures of the barrier, they, along with the Konohagakure ANBU, watched as the Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, fought against Orochimaru. The battle was costly on both sides, resulting in the Third losing his life, an easy sacrifice on his behalf to seal away Orochimaru's ability to utilize jutsu ever again. As the battle ended, Sakon and Ukon, along with the other Sound Four members, retreated with Orochimaru, back to Otogakure.

With Orochimaru's chance to aquire a new adequate vessel fading away, he later ordered the Sound Four to travel to Konohagakure and pick up his new subject, Uchiha Sasuke. The Sound Four embarked on their mission with Sakon and Ukon leading the way. After meeting up with Sasuke, Sakon soon suggested on forcibly advancing Sasuke's Cursed Seal to the Second Level. They did just that. Sasuke, quite willing to gain the new power, entered the container from which Sakon and Ukon summoned from the scroll held on Sakon's back. Performing the Dark Sealing Method followed by the Four Black Fog Battle Formation; it forced Sasuke's Cursed Seal to advance to its Second Level, placing him in a temporary coma. Continuing onward, they proceeded to Orochimaru's location as time slowly dwindled down, not before being stopped by two Konohagakure Jounin, being forced to use the Cursed Seal to defeat them. Exhausted by the confrontation, they took a moment to rest before being ambushed by Shikamaru's squad, resulting in the Sound Four being caught in Shikamaru's Kage no Mane technique. Admitting to having being caught, a grin crept upon Sakon's face and Ukon removed himself from Sakon's body and launched a surprise attack from the rear. Quickly taking advantage of the confusion, Jirobo captured Shikamaru's team in a dome made of earth-imbued chakra. The Sound Four continued on, leaving Jirobo behind.

Soon after, Kidomaru, carrying Sasuke sealed within the container, tossed it to Tayuya, warning Sakon, Ukon and Tayuya that he would handle Ssikamaru's team. Sakon commented to hurry it up and to catch up afterwards. Kidomaru took word and proceeded to combat Team Shikamaru.

As nightfall came, Sakon and Ukon noted that neither Jirobo nor Kidomaru had returned, meaning they had ran into some trouble from their opponents. Ukon commented that they would be on a tight schedule and would have to make haste if they wished to reach Orochimaru in time. Seeing as they had only completed 1/3 of the mission in a single day, Sakon and Ukon were not pleased with those results. The following morning, Sakon, Ukon and Tayuya continued forward as they headed onwards without their allies. It was to no avail as Team Shikamaru had already set up a trap to take back Sasuke, and the container. As Team Shikamaru launched an attack Sakon and Ukon quickly retaliated, jumping and attacking Naruto who was in the process of forming the Rasengan, only to be stopped the moment before landing a hit on Sakon and Ukon by Sakon grabbing and immobilizing Naruto's arm. Being blown back by Kiba and Akamaru's Gatsuuga, Sakon and Ukon collided with Tayuya, who was trapped in Shikamaru's Kage no Mane yet again. Chasing after Team Shikamaru, Sakon and Ukon went on ahead, evading and progressing past the bombardment of explosive tags, trapping Akamaru to a tree as a nearby explosive tag went off before he could get the kill. The force from the explosion threw Sakon and Ukon, along with Kiba and Akamaru into the gorges below them.

Combating Kiba and Akamaru, the twins were seemingly dominating the fight. Launching barrage after barrage of punches and kicks, Sakon and Ukon entered their Cursed Seal: Second Level state, continuing on with the battle. Launching a strong punch to the gut of Kiba, Sakon's overconfidence got the best of him. Kiba and Akamaru quickly used their Jinju Konbi Henge: Sotoro technique. Leaping into the air, Kiba and Akamaru, in their Double-Headed Wolf transformation, performed Garoga. The attack caught Sakon and Ukon off-guard as the attack struck Sakon in the gut, pushing him back before ripping Sakon in half. Kiba and Akamaru ended the attack as they looked back to see the quick work they had made of Sakon and Ukon. In actuality, Sakon and Ukon simply split from one another, using the ability of their Soma No Ko Kekkei Genkai. Realizing the fight wasn't over, Kiba and Akamaru resumed the attack using Garoga once more. Sakon and Ukon, being aware of its power, simutaneously performed Kuchiyose no Jutsu, bringing forth their strongest defense, developed by Orochimaru himself: Rashomon Gate. The attack was powerful enough to dent the gate but not break it as Kiba and Akamaru were stopped, ending their attacking, not before managing to perform the Dynamic Marking Technique, sending acidic urine into Sakon's eyes that caused the burning sensation, as commented by Sakon.

The now-helpless Kiba and Akamaru were right where Sakon wanted them, quickly taking advantage using his Kisei Kikai no Jutsu, Ukon merged his body with Kiba, slowly killing him from the inside out. As Kiba acted out of both desperation and love, he took a kunai, stabbing himself in the abbdomen. This resulted in Ukon being forced out of his body, for if Kiba was successful in commiting suicide he would have dragged Ukon to the depths of hell with him. As Ukon merged with Sakon once more, Kiba took the this time to grab Akamaru and retreat, running down the nearby river into the thick forest before falling unconscious.

Tracking Kiba down was no hard task for Sakon adn Ukon; as they stumbled upon the sleeping boy, wearing his jacket as he opened his eyes, only to be surprised by the sight before him. There stood Sakon, ready to make the kill, only to be stopped by Kankuro. Ukon attempted tomMerge with Kankuro, only to be stopped in realizing that it was the puppet Kurasu in disguise. Being knocked back, Sakon and Ukon stumbled about before falling into Kankuro's trap. As the latches on Kuroari closed, locking Sakon and Ukon inside, the light slowly closed vanished from the slots within. With the use of the Kurohigi Kiki Ippatsu from Kankuro, the peircing blades of Karasu peirced Sakon and Ukon's conjoined body.

[Custom Info]

That was the Death of Sakon and Ukon... or so Kankuro and Kiba presumed. Upon opening and seperating Karasu and Kuroari laid Sakon and Ukon's bloodied carrion. At first sight the Sakon and Ukon might have looked dead, but only to those who had no knowledge of the Soma No Ko's abilities. Sakon laid upon the ground unconscious; Ukon knew exactly what was happening. They were dying slowly, bleeding to death unless something was done. As Kankuro and Kiba left the area, Ukon quickly began to conjure any remaining chakra he had, activating the Cursed Seal: Second Level once more. The strain it put on his body was great, but the vast expansion in power it granted to the Soma No Ko's abilites were a fair price. Using the Curse Seal to focus the twins' remaining chakra, they quickly began to rejuvinate from the near fatal wounds sustained during Kankuro's attack. As Sakon was forced to rest from the wounds leaving Ukon as the head, this strained Ukon as he was unaccustomed with being the head, having a hard time moving about with his brother resting.

Staggering back to the battlefield of Kimimaro and Gaara, Ukon witnessed the fall of his and Sound Five's former leader. Unable to understand or grasp why Kimimaro had been out from his medical facilities, Ukon came to the conclusion that Sasuke must have been rescued, resulting in Orochimaru running out of time to find a new vessel. Unable to use Kimimaro resulted in complete and utter defeat. Assuming Orochimaru's death, Ukon tore the tunic from his back, hanging it like a flag blowing in the wind. His and his brother's time as Sound Four's Leader was over.

As Sakon came-to several days later, confused as to their whereabouts, Ukon took the liberty to explain the event that occured after they had nearly been killed. Realizing they were once again alone in the world, not being able to return to Orochimaru, the brothers stayed in hiding once again, the same way they had been found by Orochimaru all those years ago...
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I dont like Custom Bio and Info about Cannon characters so im disregarding anything said in there..


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Sakon & Ukon
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