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 Hataka's Jutsu List

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PostSubject: Hataka's Jutsu List   Sat 26 Feb 2011, 5:22 pm

WEAPON: A two sided chakra sword/staff that focuses on chakra uses in that sword's chosen area when needed. Each attack can be controled by how fast, slow, powerful, light, etc, by how much chakra Hataka currently has, or is willing to put into that attack. This weapon can also turn into 2 weapons but in half by a switch Hataka pulls. When this happens, your sword won't take as much chakra as if it is in one piece, this ability will improve as Hataka trains for his weapon until the point when he can use MORE chakra in each part of the weapon as if it was in one piece, also vice versa as if it was in one piece, chakra usage will try to improve.



Name: Ishibari - Stone Needles
Rank: -
Range: Close - 0m - 5m
Used Mainly By: Aoba
Description: The user hurls a simple kunai with a string attached into the enemy, then the user will then import his/her chakra through himself, through the string, into the enemy, which will paralyze the enemy. Depending on how much chakra was imported, the time paralyzed will be determined.

Name: Iwa Bunshin No Jutsu - Rock Clone Technique
Rank: -
Range: -
Used Mainly By: Akatsuchi
Description: The user controls his chakra through into a rock nearby (and only a rock) and turns that rock into the user. The clone can do limited attacks on the enemy and will assist the user. If the clone is to be injured, or attacked, it will return to its natural state, as a rock.

Name: Iwagakure No Jutsu - Rock Hiding Technique
Rank: Unknown
Range: -
Used Mainly By: Alot of Earth Element Users
Description: The user uses the environment of a rocky wall, surface, etc, to disguise him/her. This makes the user totally unseen by the enemy, and stops the chakra flow through the body for byakugan users. For Sharingan users, on the other hand, will be able to see it depends on two things. The Level of Sharingan, and the ammount of chakra used into this technique.

Name: Iwa Nadare - Stone Avalanche
Rank: Unknown
Range: - Close 0m - 5m ~ Far 10m+
Used Mainly By: Raiga
Description: The user uses its chakra to form certain hand seals to take the rocks (off a cliff, etc.) and make them fall like rain.


Name: Art of Stepping Thunder
Rank: C
Range: Self
Used Mainly By: Lightning Users
Description: This art requires very little chakra. This uses chakra through the body into the ground and creates a lightning streak through the ground which will electrocute the enemy if he/she walks into the path. This technique will also slightly improve your speed.

Name: Raikou Waiya Kikai No Jutsu - Lightning Wire Chance
Rank: B
Range: Depends on the length of wire
Description: For this technique, the user takes the ninja wire, and wraps it around its own finger(s). The user will then use chakra and will send electricity through the wires. This technique can go two ways: One way is you wrap it around the enemy first, and then send electricity through the wires. Or the other way is you can just let it go haywire and see if it gets your enemy or target. Except, this can be intercepted by any Doton, or Earth Jutsu. It can hit the earth jutsu and send electricity right back into the user.


Name: Raiton: Assukuha - Lightning Release: Pressure Wave
Rank: B
Range: Mid 5m-10m Far 10m+
Mainly used by: Kurage
Description: The user will combine the earth and combine it with lightning release. The user will then use handseals and put both hands to the ground. The ground will shake and lightning will make a wave through the ground and electrocute the enemy. This wave will keep going until it hits somebody and take away its chakra and successfully return to the user. So if the enemy dodges and it hits the wall, it will go up the wall, onto the ceiling, and back down another wall, back onto the ground.

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Erza Isadora :: Leader
Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Hataka's Jutsu List   Sat 26 Feb 2011, 5:33 pm

I approve

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Hataka's Jutsu List
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