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 Shuryu Clan (DONE)

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Agito Shuryu


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PostSubject: Shuryu Clan (DONE)   Sat 17 Sep 2011, 7:17 pm

Clan Name: Shuryu (狩猟, Shuryō:: Hunting - The Hunting Clan)

Clan Village: Mist Village or Land of Claws Or Land of Fangs (Land of Fang Branch will need permission from me..)

Clan Symbol:

Clan Weapons: [Special weapons of the clan if they have any]

Requirements: Water Or Wind as main element, Must have Shuryu in your name, Must be from the Land of Fangs, Claws or Mist village - Also Shuryu Clan is known for tracking skills you might wanna add that as a special skill in your character app or jutsu list

Kekke Genkai: Shuryugan (狩猟目, Hunting Eyes)- When activated the Doujutsu sees chakra flow, also the brain waves of the user became extremely active increasing speed of thought and thinking rate to a higher level The Shuryugan can lock unto a person's chakra signature by looking at them tracking their position and movement by means of meters, miles, yards, longitude, latitude and altitude, if the some one uses some sort of clone jutsu while they are already locked the user instantly locks unto those as well even able to tell which is the original, closes for a 10 seconds the Lock is disengaged, Shuryugan also sees heat signatures though it cannot lock onto them and can see things from far distances, the eye can also see Chakra trails even able to tell of frequency changes(like what pain used to control the 6 paths). The Shuryugan can also see scent trails in the air and ground even able to tell if poison is in the air or on a substance. The Shuryugan is only activated in one eye and when activated it cannon turn off as if the eye was transplanted, Shuryu clan members usually cover it with an eye patch or head band so it wont affect their daily lives. The Shuryugan uses little chakra.

Hiden Techniques: [Hiden (秘伝, Secret) Jutsu are passed down from generation to generation in certain regions or clans not kekkei Genkais.]

Kekkei Genkai Jutsus:

History: The Shuryu clan was founded in the Land of Fangs by Hiachi Shuryu of the fog, he established it from bands of shinobi tribes that roamed the land of fangs 200 years before Ninja village's were created, he created a unique jutsu called the Shuryugan a powerful Doujutsu which gained him respect and fear in the Land of fangs to the point where he became its ruler, with the Help of the clan Hiachi became a fearsome ruler with no one daring to challenge him, soon he had children whom all had the Shuryugan but only in one eye, and his children had children and so on, eventually the strongest portion of the clan were the Children grand, and great grandchildren of him, this made the other portion of the clan very agitated, even though they also had the name of Shuryu they did not have the Shuryugan which made them angry and jealous. After Hiachi's death of old age the part of the clan which did not have the Shuryugan challenged the off springs of Hiachi for control which caused a split and fighting to erupt, causing the ones whom were not of Hiachi's blood to depart from the clan changing their names and creating new clans.

It was after the great division of the clan that the Land of Fangs was now with out a ruler until a feudal lord took over, the Shuryu clan felt cheated from their birth right to rule the land and declared a private war against the feudal lord who had the other clans in the land of fangs working under him it was the small group of Shuryu vs an entire land of clans, the odds were stacked but it did not matter to them. Because of all the fighting the Shuryu grew ruthless and adapted Tracking and hunting methods, adding that with the Shuryugan they were powerful foes, but even they could not fight off all the other clans, it was only after three years of fighting the Shuryu admitted defeat and swore allegiance to the feudal lord but they never liked it and it prompted half of the clan to go else where, and so they left to the Land of Claws which usually had conflicts with the Land of Fangs perfect for revenge as most of them thought, but when a conflict rose between both nations Shuryu found them selves fighting other Shuryu a bloody mess it was. 100 years before ninja villages a man named Ichigo Shuryu who was the first shinobi other than Hiachi to have the Shuryugan in both eyes naturally and not by transplantation lead the Land of Claw's Shuryu faction into a private war against the Land of Fang's Shuryu faction in an attempt to annihilate and steal their secret jutsus each side of the clan had grown to hate each other due to their countries constant conflicts with each other, even during peace times both sides of the clan would fight each other to prove which was best, the Fang who saw themselves as the Originals but the Claw who saw themselves as the ones who would never bow to a Lord that wasn't one of their own.

The fighting between the two branches escalated to the point where a few members on both sides became sick of it leaving the branches and making a new home in the Land of water, there another branch of the Shuryu clan was created, but even there they could not find peace usually fighting off other clans that had been there for years. The Land of water Shuryu branch became larger and larger due to the influx of Claw and Fang branch members leaving their lands to find peace, soon the Shuryu Water branch became stronger and larger than both Fang and claw branches combined, and when the Village hidden in the mist was founded the Shuryu clan in the water country made it their home, it was common knowledge that the Fang and Claw branches hated the Shuryu in the Land of water more than they hated each other, and as the years passed rumors of the clan's extinction on the Fang and Claw countries grew but this was not true there were still small pockets and remnants of the clan existing in the land of claws. The Shuryu branch in the Mist village knew nothing much of their history and some of their Clan jutsus were lost, only in the temples and hideouts on the Land of Fangs and Claws would they find them but they knew not where the hideouts or temples were and the remnants of the clans in the area would never allow the Mist branch to enter or find it with out killing them first. The Clan's Ultimate technique was kept hidden in a hideout in the Land of Fangs neither the Claw or Mist factions know where it is or what it is.

It is unknown whether or not the Fang faction of the clan still exists to the ninja world...


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Erza Isadora :: Leader
Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Shuryu Clan (DONE)   Sat 17 Sep 2011, 11:11 pm

The only problem I see with it is the fact that it only uses little chakra. Copying wind jutsu and being able to track someone like that seems slightly godmoddy when combined with the fact that it only uses little chakra.
Talk it out with me or Panda.
Other than that, approval granted unless otherwise stated.

EDIT BY AGI: Discussed with Anna Now Awaiting Pan pans Panda Stamp of Approval

Strawberry Fields Forever
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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Re: Shuryu Clan (DONE)   Sun 18 Sep 2011, 11:46 am



I'm never going to read any of your stuff, Agi. It's too loooooong xD.

If Anna's okay with it, I probably am too. And I don't think you'll be an overpowered asshole. Sooooo.

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PostSubject: Re: Shuryu Clan (DONE)   

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Shuryu Clan (DONE)
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