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 Yasuo Kamikaze (Done)

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Jounin :: Regular

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PostSubject: Yasuo Kamikaze (Done)   Fri 23 Sep 2011, 1:28 am

Name: Yasuo Kamikaze

Nickname: Stealth(from ANBU days), The Clouds Blue Blur

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Rank: Jounin (Was Once ANBU)

Village: Cloud

Affiliations: N/A

Main: Sonic/Thunder Release
Subs: Wind, Lightning

Kekke Genkai: Sonic Release: Sonic Release or Thunder Style as some call it is the combination of Wind and Lightning elements, it is some times confused with sound like jutsus but is far more potent, it can create pressurized waves of wind able to crush boulders to dust or create super sonic style jutsus making it possible to move at the speed of sound, The down side of this is it puts a large strain on the users body meaning they cant use it for long periods of time. The basic of this element is like lightning and thunder, lightning creates the vibrations in the air which in turn creates the sound of thunder

Personality: : Although normally laid-back and calm, Yasuo can be a bit of a jerk at times and is rather sarcastic. Yasuo can counter any insults thrown at him in a childishly blunt manner, usually, he insults a person's appearance rather than their personality. He can keep the pace with an intellectual discussion and can follow a more carefree one with ease. Yasuo however has a slight sadistic nature and can be cruel when he needs to be

During battle, Yasuo is a tactical, well-devised combatant. He spends most of his battle outwitting his opponent and finishes them off with a usually fatal blow.

Special Skills:
- Skilled Taijutsu User
- Skilled Swordsman and can wield any blade weapon with ease
- IQ of 195
- Sensory Ninja (Can sense the chakra of another)


Early Life:
Yasuo was born outside of the cloud village to parents he did not know they were apparently missing ninja of the village and their death after his birth is still not yet known, Yasuo however was taken in by a high profile ninja of the cloud village Vlad Dragulia who had evil intentions for him no one in Yasuo's clan wanted anything to do with him because of who his parents were he was never told why his parents were hated but he felt a great distrust over everyone in the village except Vlad who Yasuo looked up to. But Yasuo soon found that Vlad was nothing more than a man with a quest for power Vlad experimented with yasuo's blood hoping to find the secrets of this clans kekke Genkai and in such development created a curse seal juuinjutsu which was placed over Yasuo's right eye.

*Yasuo's Curse mark being placed*

*after the curse was placed*

After this mark of evil was placed unto Yasuo ANBU black ops broke into Vlad's secret lair he was being monitored for months and now had enough evidence to put him away Vlad however had no intention of going quietly charging at the ANBU only to be killed quickly or so it would seem. Yasuo was taken into the care of the Raikage of the time but his life was traumatized by the experiments done to him and it would seem as though he would never recover bearing the mark of his pain on his face.

Academy Arc:
After the incident with Vlad Yasuo was put into the ninja Academy where he slowly recovered from his mental trauma always seeing a therapist after classes where he always talked about the nightmares he would get that Vlad would return to experiment on him again. Yasuo's time in the academy soon gained him friends something he never knew he would have but he always kept to himself not wanting to trust anyone again and so he buried himself in his training and ninja scrolls in hope it would help him forget about his past and because of this he was the top of his classed and seemed gifted even graduating the academy a year early at the age of 11.

Genin Arc:

After Graduating from the academy becoming a genin Yasuo was put into a team luckily his teammates were also some of his friends even though they were a year older they used to hang out with the kids from the lower grades, everything seemed fine Yasuo's nightmares occurred less and less and he was then put into the care of foster parents until he was old enough to manage on his own. Often the team would train sparing in a three way battle Yasuo proved to be equal in terms of skill with his teammates however when it came to tactical quick thinking Yasuo proved the victor outsmarting his teammates and claiming the victory ever so often. The team first Entered the chuunin exams when Yasuo was at the age of 12 but they never passed through the forest of death and failed and with this failure they decided to train harder to become better ninja and they did so for 2 years avoiding any exams and focusing on their ninja duties and training, by this time Yasuo had developed a trust for others and was not as cold as he used to be but all that would change soon enough.

Ultear Curse Awakening Arc:
On a mission in the land of rice Yasuo and his teammates split up from their sensei and jounin leader they were instructed to find their target who they were protecting from bandits but he was captured during an ambush. The team soon found themselves in another ambush the bandits had hired rouge ninja to help them which is how Yasuo's team lost the target in the first place a battle erupted with the young cloud genin team over powered, the rouge ninjas were about to perform their last attack to end it when Yasuo's curse mark began to glow Yasuo did not want to die or have his friends hurt this urge to protect himself and his friends from death some how triggered the curse marks activation granting him amazing power quickly rushing the unsuspecting rouge ninjas and grabbing unto one of them breaking his arm and dislocating his shoulder, Yasuo's chakra turned dark and fearsome this and the now incapacitated rouge ninja on the ground made their enemies retreat back to their fortress.

Yasuo's teammates were in shock at this strange dark chakra which suddenly funneled around Yasuo who seemed a bit off when they tried to call out to him Yasuo screamed in pain then looked at them with blood lust in his left eye heading to attack them next but he was quickly knocked out by their sensei who arrived just in time to see what had happened. Knocked out and now in a dream like state Yasuo thought he was having another nightmare but this was no nightmare Vlad met with Yasuo inside his subconscious mind with a sick grin on his face explaining that the curse seal on his face allowed Vlad to cheat death, and its purpose was for vlad to take control of Yasuo's body and make it his own. Vlad had purposely let the ANBU kill him which would seal his mind into Yasuo's curse mark and upon activation of the mark Vlad would be released but the full take over was interrupted when Yasuo's sensei knocked him out. Vlad assured that when the body awoke Yasuo would no longer exist and it would be Vlad who would now be in control of the body with its abilities and his wisdom of jutsu he would be more powerful that the Raikage in a few years and take control of the cloud village.

Vlad soon began the process of assimilating Yasuo's mind with his own to take over completely and right before he had almost completed it Vlad explained Yasuo's parents death and said that it was his fault they were forced to flee the village with their unborn son Vlad had framed them for illegal jutsu experimentations and killed them after Yasuo was born explaining that he needed a young child to perform the seal properly this only made Yasuo angry and increased his willpower his rage fought off Vlad's will to Vlad's surprise of course, Yasuo proclaimed that this mind and body was his and that he would end Vlad's existence entirely with a one roar of rage Vlad began to disintegrate into the mental world they were both in until Vlad was completely gone and was now totally dead. Yasuo awoke in the cloud hospital with his teammates by his side only to find out they failed their mission and the bandits executed their employer, the Raikage came to visit Yasuo after his teammates had left to find out about what happened, Yasuo explained his strange encounter with Vlad in his subconscious and his victory the Raikage did not take it well as he felt responsible for not seeing through Vlad's deception. A week later Yasuo was relived from the hospital but after the cure marks effects was forced to take medication for it it was later that month the both himself and his teammates thought it was best to join the chuunin Exams which they totally dominated Yasuo placed second in the final exam tournament losing to one of his teammates.

Jounin/ ANBU Arc
Yasuo only spent a year as a Chuunin at 15 years old he qualified for the Jounin exams the first in his squad to do so the truth was that Yasuo had learned to control his mark to some degree but because of it he drifted away from his friends and teammates as training with it could be dangerous if anyone else was around he feared he would go berserk and hurt them, Yasuo's Jounin exams were actually a small stepping stone to his secret ANBU training trials which would occur directly after he passed his Jounin examinations with flying colors He spent months going through the required ANBU training which he eventually Passed and for four years Yasuo remained in the ANBU in which time he earned the title of "Stealth" as he was known for his great speed and quick unnoticeable assassinations, but Yasuo soon found himself wanting to get out of the ANBU and he was close to becoming a captain too but Yasuo wanted to enjoy life more and soon left the ANBU black ops to pursue a full time Jounin Career

RP Sample: One of my fav RPs from Shinobi Alliance :D

It had been over a week since Haiden successfully infiltrated and took control over the waterfall village, now it was time to make the next move, a stage of Diplomacy between the Waterfall and the Grass village so that the two villages would be able to coexist with each other and be allies, it would also mean false talks of negotiations between the Cloud and Snow villages so that Alliances can be founded to those villages as well, the Grass village was taking a risky and chess like maneuver it was all going according to Yasuo's strategic plan he was well known for his strategies and tactics. The main point of this was to have a bridge alliance, Grass, Waterfall, Snow and Cloud...the Sound did not fit into the plan because of their shadiness and rumors about then no one even knew where their village was Yasuo knew that the snow would attack the Sound, despite his hate for war he knew how it functioned analyzing its aspects and outcomes.

Yasuo's plans were far deeper than just some sort of alliance, he did not reveal its details to anyone due to the risk of leakage, with the Grass, Waterfall and Snow villages allied all three countries would have free passage with each other enabling back up and such when ever they wanted, the trick was with the cloud if the snow captured the Rice country it would mean another land of free passage. Yasuo sat in his office chair staring at a chess board apparently playing it with himself in a state of deep thought as to which way this battle between Sound and Snow would go, he could not afford for the snow to lose they were vital to the plan but Yasuo himself could not go to the battlefield and leave his village unattended and head out to battle, who knows who or what could come in and try to attack the village, Yasuo only had time to head to the waterfall village and make the alliance between Grass and Waterfall a reality and it is there he would also add on a mission to his trusted ANBU Haiden who had control of the village to benefit his plans even more...
"Which way will this go..." Yasuo said to himself moving another chess piece "The Pawns are all in place..its time to make the next move and I'll be closer to check mate" Truth be told Yasou was just using the other villages as pawns for his own gain and little did they know their usefulness was not everlasting.

Soon the pawns in his plans would do what they were meant to do and Yasuo would have his way with the world, only a few obstacles remained in his way, but even he knew sometimes the unexpected may happen, he had back up strategies in place. After moving the chess piece Yasuo stood up putting on his Village Leader robe and smiled lightly and left his office two ANBU shinobi were on the outside awaiting him "Yasuo - Sama it is time we left..." One of them spoke Yasuo nodded at him and they all began walking down the hall "Remove your masks it is impolite to show up at a meeting wearing masks" Yasuo instructed the ANBU they left the Kusa Tower and headed for the Land of waterfalls....

EnD and exit?
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PostSubject: Re: Yasuo Kamikaze (Done)   Fri 23 Sep 2011, 3:02 pm

A quick bit of general advice: watch out for run-on sentences. I noticed a few contained within your bio. Aside from that...

Don't forget to make a post about your curse seal in the appropriate section to get approved. And once more, welcome to the site. 8D;
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Yasuo Kamikaze (Done)
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