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 Yoriyama Ruuji

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Erza Isadora :: S-Ranked
Erza Isadora :: S-Ranked

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PostSubject: Yoriyama Ruuji   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 11:39 am

Name: Yoriyama Ruuji

Nickname: Tokage no Ruuji – Ruuji of the Lizard, Kirigakure no Kiyoujin – Madman of the Hidden Mist

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Rank: S-rank missing-nin

Former Rank: Jounin, member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist

Village: None

Former Village: Kirigakure no Sato

Affiliations: Akatsuki

Main: Katon – Fire Release
Subs: Doton – Earth Release

Kekke Genkai: N/A


Without doubt the most prominent part of Ruuji’s personality is his battle persona. Branded by many as a psychopath, wherever one can find war, battle and mass murder one can find Ruuji. Probably in the thick of battle maiming and killing as much enemies as possible, cackling all the way. Tokage no Ruuji loves the thrill of battle to an almost obsessive degree, becoming almost childishly enthusiastic when the battle is entertaining enough. His favorite method of killing enemies is by chocking them, as it allows him to feel the life escape his opponent’s body. He loves using his Fire Release techniques to burn things and people to a degree where it suggests pyromania. It is this side of him that has earned him the nickname “Madman of the Hidden Mist”.

However, Ruuji’s love for battle has a deeper reason. Being raised in an orphanage and raised solely for war, he lacked parental love. His life was a cold, dull one consisting solely of studying, training, eating and sleeping with no real “goal” to look forward to. He himself describes it as barely even being alive. However, when as a genin Ruuji experienced his first battlefield, fighting for survival made him feel more alive than ever. This is perhaps the biggest reason why he loves to fight. In his eyes fights are tests for survival to separate the strong from the average crowd. And by engaging in such tests, by risking his life he wishes to confirm his existence.

Ruuji is very nihilistic about everything, even his own life. Having no family, no real friends and no village left to fight for, everything the madman does is completely on a whim. He openly claims that since he has nothing to fight for he is as good as dead anyway. He is often very apathetic and neutral about the world and seems to view himself as an observer to other people’s lives and stories. He has taken a liking to following people around who he deems interesting enough seeing their stories develop. He compares this to “reading an interactive book” and because of his apathy has no problem “spicing up” the story a bit by allowing bad things to happen to the “characters of the story” for his own amusement. Or taunting them with sensitive things just to witness their reaction.

His apathy does have its good points, as it makes it very easy for this individual to view people, situations and even himself from a completely neutral standpoint, without any prejudice. This makes it easy for him to point out faults in people’s logic or convictions, and he is not below lecturing allies and enemies alike when he notices things like that.

Despite being obviously twisted and arguably insane, he does have a soft spot of sorts. He has a great deal of respect and sympathy for people with strong willpower who stay true to their ideals no matter what. Fearless as Ruuji might seem, there is one thing that he is afraid of. He seems to hold a strange fear of both aging and becoming handicapped. This is because his ability to fight is all he has, and in both scenario’s even that one thing he is good at would be taken from him. He has actually made it his goal to die at the hands of a truly worthy opponent before his body grows old and weak.

However, Ruuji is smart enough to realize he is not normal by ordinary standards, and is aware that both his battle persona and his nihilistic view can easily cause most ordinary people to brand him “evil” or “insane.”Therefore, Ruuji manages to hide his twisted self pretty well behind the mask of a polite, if not a tad quirky man with a dry type of humor and a sophisticated way of speaking. He has a bit of a selective memory. Things he doesn’t care about go right though him, yet he can memorize even the slightest, most useless detail about things that interest him. Although not a loudmouth per se, he does have the habit of rambling about things he finds intriguing. This might happen even in situations where it is completely inappropriate. However, in spite of those quirks, one can say that for someone like him he is very skilled at hiding his true self. However, when it is not required to keep up a façade, Ruuji does sometimes enjoy discussing his twisted view on the world with others. This is mostly because he can argument his point of view well enough to silence most naysayers.

Ruuji has a number of principals. He dislikes rudeness and often complains when people are showing behavior he deems as rude, such as interrupting others or using foul language. He describes this behavior as “distasteful” and “uncivilized”. Another principal is that he dislikes leaving a job half done. This is usually expressed through the fact that he hates leaving survivors after a victory, believing it to be the winners privilege to end the loser’s life. If he does find out he left a survivor, he will hunt that person and engage them in battle whenever he sees the chance.

He claims to have no real grudges against the water country and indeed has never shown any evidence of spite towards his former village. However, ever since the village put him in jail and later labeled him as a monster with his new body, he has become much more cynical . He loves pointing out the faults and stupidity of both humans and the shinobi system and often jokes about the shinobi worlds true nature and even his own bloodthirstiness in a rather dark and twisted way. Ruuji also possesses a certain humbleness. Well, realism would be a better way to describe it. He is aware that he is a powerful shinobi, and will never deny it. However he has no qualms about admitting it when someone is stronger than him.

In the end, Ruuji is a loner.


Ruuji is a man in his thirties with a gaunt face, a hooked nose and greenish-brow, chest-length hair. His hair usually falls over his back with a few bangs and strings falling over his face. His eyes are yellow and his skin color is slightly pale, giving him a serpentine appearance. His build is slim and athletic. He is rather tall, about 6 feet, giving him a rather gangly appearance.

Experiments from the past has turned Ruuji into a freak of nature. He now possesses four arms, a serpentine tail about one and a half meters long and an extendable tongue much like Orochimaru.

Knowing his body might give him unnecessary attention, he often hides his extra hands and tail by keeping them wrapped around his stomach, his Akatsuki cloak generally providing more than enough room to hide his monstrous appearance. Underneath his cloak, he typically goes bare-chested, with simple brown pants and typical shinobi sandals. He wears his old Kirigakure headband- with a stripe through it, around his neck.


RP Sample:

Rp Sample taken from Naruto Lost Dimension:
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Pandora Phobia


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PostSubject: Re: Yoriyama Ruuji   Sat 01 Oct 2011, 4:26 pm

I'm too lazy to search for my special stamp, buuuut I approve.

I'll change your rank to Akatsuki and such, but you'll want to message the Akatsuki leader (Akane) to get involved in the organization and stuff.

Also, welcome to the site. :D
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Yoriyama Ruuji
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