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 Sorai Denkou (DONE)

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Sorai Denkou


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PostSubject: Sorai Denkou (DONE)   Tue 04 Oct 2011, 2:10 pm

Name: Sorai Denkou

Nickname: Crow(ANBU Code name) ,

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Rank: ANBU: Captain

Former Rank: Kinkaku Force Captain

Former Village: The Village Hidden In the Clouds

Affiliations: Denkou Clan

Special Traits: Is a well skilled Taijutsu master as well as an extremely good tracker noticing slight foot prints picking up the small slightest details and small scents, Sorai is also extremely quick and has an abnormal amount of stamina

Elements: Lightning, Fire, Earth

Kekke Genkai: Raidengan - Denkou Clan

Personality: Sorai has a slight prankster attitude he can be called a joker and has been shown to be very lazy and complainy at times. Because of the effects of the Mashin Raidengan he has developed a strange rapid change of personality at almost anytime, where he becomes vicious, blood thirsty and sadistic

Appearance: The first thing people notice about Sorai is his large demon looking blood red eyes he wears bandages around his arms and legs because of his intense training style as well as hiding chakra strings


Sorai was born and raised in the cloud village apart of the Denkou clan no less but he was not like every one else he was literally born with the 1st stage of the Raidengan, something that has never happened before and because of this Clan elders used every means they had to find out what was wrong with him but to no avail, Sorai's chakra was a little above average for his age but he was abnormal in no other way besides his eyes already active with the raidengan and so Sorai grew up like a normal child but was watched closely by the clan leaders for any changes and also because both his parents were killed during a Secret ANBU mission.

Genin Arc
Sorai became a Genin at the normal genin age of 12 it seemed that nothing would be special about him he passed with average grades and skill nothing more the elders had already ceased their constant monitoring of him but it was during a C class mission the he showed his true potential it was revealed he had awakened the mature stage of the Raidengan some time before, the clan soon heard about this and began to monitor him closely again being born with the Raidengan he was already considered strange but having the Mature Raidengan so early in age was something rare. Two of his Cousins Altair Denkou and Raizo Denkou were his closes family members they were like brothers to him, They were older than Sorai but they were all around the same skill level and they trained together because of it.

Chuunin Arc
In Just a single year Sorai had become a Chuunin Passing the exams with ease he had become highly skilled in terms of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu thanks to the training he had been doing with his cousins, Eventually however by the time He was 15 One of his close cousins Raizo stopped training with him because he had left the village due to the frequent scrutiny he received from the clan and other people in the village which lead to him training with Altair alone which was awkward since Altair was a bit lazy and laid back most the time unlike Raizo who always kept the balance of being serious and kept them from ripping each other's heads off. Eventually Altair began to teach Sorai everything he knew and together they trained and spared intensely but this did not last long as Altair began to distance himself from the clan and Sorai as well, it seemed Altair blamed the village for their ignorance which caused his brother Raizo to leave.

Jounin Arc
Sorai became a Jounin when he turned 16 years old right on his birthday highly skilled and trained he was more than qualified and began to show natural Leadership skills. Even without his former master Altair around he kept training and on rare occasions Altair would spar with him until one time Altair was nearly out matched and the spar ended in a draw, Sorai proved how powerful and skilled he was that day which lead to The Raikage placing him on the Kinkaku Force to better use his skills.

Kinkaku Force Arc
Being placed on the Kinkaku Force by the Raikage was one of the greatest Honors Sorai had received and soon the Denkou clan began to show respect towards him for the accomplishment, During a highly secretive mission the Kinkaku force was called away from the village. Sorai had been on the Kinkaku force for 2 years and was already second in command. During a 3 month long mission, the squad's captain was killed and Sorai was Appointed new Captain of the Kinkaku force as he was second in command, The Kinkaku Force headed for home and had to confirm Sorai's new position to the Raikage was in place. On the Way home Sorai felt like he could do better with his skills, he wanted more power perhaps, maybe if he continued working his hardest he may be come the Raikage's Successor there were few people in the village that had such capability.

Just a Year of Being Leader Sorai decided he should prove himself in some other way, he had spend his time learning the clan's jutsu and reading their ancient scrolls looking for ways to improve himself, he had now made Becoming Raikage his new goal but to surpass his cousin Altair he would need an Advantage over him, the Clan's secret eyes the Arashi and Mashin, Sorai decided the Arashi would be too hard to obtain and so he would go with the Mashin, the Clan made the Mashin forbidden because of its requirements and the punishment for acquiring it was the removal of ones eyes. Sorai had no time to waste and picked his targets, He had already switched from the Kinkaku force to the ANBU black ops and personally requested the hunt for 3 Missing ninja all 3 of which were Denkou clan members, teno Denkou, Shiji Denkou and Noama Denkou, All A class criminals.

Sorai made his plea about not allowing his clan members disgrace his clan but his true intentions were far more devious, Sorai went alone on his so called crusade for clan justice hunting down the traitors the first being Shiji Denkou, who when Sorai had found him had realized he was blind, both of his eyes were removed stolen from him, but Sorai had no pity he murdered him and drank his blood performing the Mashin ceremony to obtain the Mashin raidengan however the ritual did not work, Shiji did not have the blood type which was necessary for Sorai. after 3 more months of Hunting Sorai finally had what he wanted, the Mashin Raidengan, he had killed Teno but did not get the Mashin from him either it was Noama whose blood was correct for the ritual and so Sorai now had the blood Eyes of the Raidengan surely the clan would be disappointed and try to punish him however with his new strength he would be sure to get the Raikage's position which would shield him from the clan's wrath.

Sorai arrived him greeted by clan elders who were proud of what he did, he hunted down traitors of the village traitors that disgraced the denkou clan, little did they know Sorai did something worse and broke the clan's laws by obtaining the Raidengan he would make his way to the Raikage office but before he went on his way the elders informed him of the Raikage's Death, this shocked Sorai he was frantic to know if someone was already chosen to be the new Raikage. The elders smiled at him telling him that Altair had taken the place of Raikage of the village and just like that Sorai's dreams were crushed all that sacrifice and hunting was for nothing, he became angry about it but as months passed he soon learned to lived with it, he had taken Teno's and Noama's Bodies for himself for jutsu purposes, he lost Noama's body in a battle but retrieved his Matured Denkou eyes for his own purposes

Present Arc
A few years passed Sorai is now an ANBU captain of the Cloud village

RP Sample:
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Altair Denkou


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PostSubject: Re: Sorai Denkou (DONE)   Fri 07 Oct 2011, 5:33 pm

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Sorai Denkou (DONE)
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