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 Altair Denkou (DONE)

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Altair Denkou


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PostSubject: Altair Denkou (DONE)   Thu 06 Oct 2011, 7:31 pm

Name: Altair Denkou

Nickname: Hei/ The Flying Assassin

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Rank: Raikage

Village: The Village Hidden in the Cloud

Affiliations: None

Subs:Wind, Water

Kekke Genkai: Raidengan

Personality: Altair has a very dull and lazy personality not liking to put too much effort into anything, which just helps how he always looks Sleepy and dull, He also has a taste for liquor but never gets drunk for some reason to the point where he boasts as being Immune to alcohol. He also has a tactical devious and somewhat merciless trait, which attributes to the fact that he shows no sign of sorrow or remorse

Appearance: Altair wears a rather strange clothing but it suits his needs He almost ALWAYS wears his hood covering his head and most of his face

Altair with his hood On

Early Age
Altair was born in the cloud Village into the Great Denkou clan of the cloud one of the Major and powerful Clans of the Cloud village for their Kekke Genkai the Raidengan and their great skill in all ways of a Shinobi. At the Age of 7 Altair unlocked his Kekke genkai the Raidengan making him one of the Youngest to ever obtain it and thus was highly looked after for the Clan elders saw great potential from him. Altair lost his father during a cloud village invasion when he was just 8 years old a terrible thing to happen to a child so young but his mother although just married into the clan made sure Altair became a great Shinobi like his father training him and helping him with his academy studies.

Genin Arc:
Altair Became a Genin at the young Age of Ten and was hailed as a Genius of the cloud village and somewhat the pride of the member of the Denkou clan. Altair's Older brother Raizo was known as a genius through out the village until one day he screwed up a mission for the village which cost them dearly. Raizo never showed his discomfort for the frequent scrutiny he got from both the village and his own clan, Altair always respected him and backed up for his brother when ever her could.Altair was the youngest member of his Squad and so was looked down upon by his 2 squad mates in their three man cell though he paid no attention to it as soon their minds were changed as he was far more superior to them in the way of a Shinobi which gained their respect and admiration.

Chuunin Arc:
At Age 13 During the Chuunin Exams Altair Lost both his team mates during the second part of the exam...they were killed by Grass Ninja and Altair was knocked out, luckily they were not able to take his scroll..he eventually used his will power and smarts to get through the exam alone Reaching the final part of the exam. With the loss of his teammates Altair was greatly saddened and he became bitter and angered and even Ruthless during the final Part Killing all of his Opponents with Excessive force and activating the mature stage of the Raidengan in the process this final exam would later be known as the black Chuunin exams the exams where a boy from the cloud murdered everyone in the examinations or so the rumors would go, after the black chuunin exams Altair began to distance himself from others even from his own clan as he grew more bitter and alone even being placed into a new team. Altair did not totally cut himself off from this clan as he always trained with his brother Raizo and his favorite cousin Sorai a 3 way rivalry one which would keep them busy away from matters of the village and their clan a way for them to become stronger. However Raizo left the village because of the increased scrutiny he received after letting another important mission fall apart. This only made Altair think more on whats important and he despised his clan especially for treating his brother like an outcast, they constantly badgered their mother because of this which lead to an altercation between Altair and a fellow clan member a fist fight broke out where Altair was over powered 3 to 1, but the odds changed after Sorai jumped in to back up his cousin.

Jounin Arc:
Altair became a Jounin At the Age of 15 and at this point he was already known as "The Star" Of the Denkou clan even though he was now nearly completely separated from them Only going to the clan's district to visit his mother who refused to leave the area even though Altair asked her too, it was the Home of her husband the father of her children she would not leave for anything. Altair did not hate his clan but he did not like being a Trophy for them to parade around with, he often cursed his clan for this and his brother's decision to leave the cloud village and travel Altair even began to secretly drink Sake even though he was Underage eventually turning him into an Alcoholic tho he could never get drunk. Even though the clan did not like his attitude or the way he treated them he was a respected Jounin of the cloud by all his peers although only few knew he was already secretly an ANBU.

ANBU arc:
Altair became an ANBU black ops member at the Age of 16 going on High class missions due to the fact that there was a Great Ninja war going on around the time he was sent on numerous Lone missions and battles wearing a Distinctive mask that he created himself which soon became the face of The Black Reaper of the cloud village, a the mask brought fear to those of minor villages some of which gave flee on sight orders because of the reapers power. Altair would continue his ANBU Career until he was 23 Years old after he witnessed the loss of a dear friend against a powerful leaf shinobi.

Altair arrived just in time to see the fatal blow the he blamed himself, he was devastated, this friend meant so much to him it was because of her he even became an ANBU, Altair lost his sanity for a moment in pure rage he went on to attack the Leaf ninja, But found himself totally out matched because he was not thinking straight he lost all tactical thought which made him an easy target.

The leaf ninja was unimpressed by the legendary black reaper's skill stepping on his battered body but it was at that moment Altair got his act together and controlled his hate and aimed it towards the leaf nin for that brief moment he glared at his dear friend which made tears come to his eyes which had activated the Arashi Raidengan, Altair's mask had broken from the upper half his eyes were visible from then on he decided the black reaper would cease to exist ripping it off and using the power of the Arashi to bring forth victory killing the Leaf ninja.

Altair burned the body of his comrade and friend as would any ANBU of done and returned to the village resigning from the ANBU squadron, by now his secret was out as the leaf village has spies in the area and saw his face. Altair received great respect now the cloud knew he was the black reaper news traveled all around the ninja world at a fast rate.

Raikage Arc

Just a month after resigning from ANBU the Raikage passed away and Altair was nominated was Raikage almost unanimously everyone respected him and knew he had the knowledge and skill to be the Raikage, Altair humbly accepted the responsibility and still continues till this day
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Emeli Bell


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PostSubject: Re: Altair Denkou (DONE)   Sat 08 Oct 2011, 12:47 am

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Altair Denkou (DONE)
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