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 Ichiban Uchiha

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Uchiha Ichiban


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PostSubject: Ichiban Uchiha   Sat 08 Oct 2011, 6:06 pm

Name: Ichiban Uchiha

Nickname: Goes by the name of Ichi (no one knows of his powers of a Uchiha until he uses them)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Rank: S

Former Rank: Jounin

Village: None

Former Village: Konoha

Affiliations: Akatsuki

Ichibans abilities are wide and strong. He knows a lot of just that he has copied with his sharingan. He is said to be a master of elements and chakra concentration. He is also said to be one of fastest shinobi alive in current time

Elements: Fire, Lightning and Earth
Main: Fire
Subs: Lightning and Earth

Kekke Genkai: Sharingan/Mangekyō Sharingan


Something has made Ichiban somewhat emotionless. He has been called cold blooded and he reffers to his own heart as an "Icebox". He carries a little black book with him, where he writes down the names of his victims. This book holds today a totall of 3534 names or aliases in it. When Ichiban first arrived leaf, 10 years since the last time- He was closed in and distant to the people. The Hokage and ANBU made him prime suspect of the Uchiha killings, calling him in for a interrigation. This never sat well with Ichiban and the reason the current kage of leaf Kyousei "Koko" Kokorozashi was hospitalized for a month. However, he was never charged due to unknown reasons. Ichiban is somewhat a snob, he's arrogant, rich and handsome. Having many fangirls and three fanclubs in leaf! Ichiban on the other hand finds himself bothered by the many amounts of girls, thinking nothing much of them. The few who actually have gotten Ichiban to talk to them finds him hard to get to know, he doesnt talk much to people unknown to him. Kawoto Jin on the other hand states that Ichiban is the most goofy and high spirited person ever, this not beeing seen by any others than him and taking Jin's reputation into considerations. The part about Ichi beeing goofy and high spirited is most likely a rumor.
The current Hokage Jiashi describes Ichibans personality as "Distant, but with good reasons" and that "He has a barrier that blocks emotions around him, and that its hard to break it."


Ichiban has natural black hair, his hairstyle is half long and is ruffled in a natural manner, hanging to his side's touching his cheekbones. The rest if ruffled in a spiky manner in what seems like it was randomly fixed. His eyes highlights his face, beeing perfectly oval shaped and dreamy brown, he often gets compliments concering his good looks, especially his eyes. His skin is smooth, with no bumps or spots. He usually has a slight tan, this comes from the fact that he usually trains in only a shorts.
He's taller then usual boy's and men his age, standing 188cm (6,1 feet) and build in a muscular way. He seems to be in the greatest shape whitch also indicated that he most likely is adept in taijutsu, beeing perfectly build for it.
His clothing style is somewhat fancy compared to other shinobi, wearing imported quality clothes whitch he sends to a custom tailor with a sketch on how he wants it. This is something he's been doing the last years after the sudden increase in wealth. Ichiban is usually wearing quality slim fit shirts and a quality set of pants whitch he folds up to his knee's, his shirt will also be tucket in and button's up to make his muscular chest slightly visable. His shirt sleeve are buttoned together with their inner sides by a custom uchiha symbol button. He also wear black quality leather gloves to enchant his grip and further his look. He uses shinobi shin guards in metallic silver with a konoha emblem on the top of each shin guard. Under his shinguards he keeps his shin and feet wrapped around in ninja wraps.He wears a belt that has a silver lionhead belt buckle. He uses black and white sneakers, whitch he self states are "made for running and moving".
On his forearm he has a seal that spells "guitar", this is visable when his shirt sleeves are folded neatly up, this happens when its a hot day.
Ichiban is also seen wearing a cardigan or even a blazer sometimes over his shirt on cold nights.
He also regularly switches between White shirt/white pants and Black shirt/black pants.
Ichiban is known throughout fire country as the "most handsome guy around", this beeing seen in extreme manner with the girls around his own age whom some even tend to stalk him.

Uchiha Ichiban, son of Uchiha Ikki, the Uchiha head and Uchiha Kaname. Ichiban, showing the signs of a true genius at a young age. Started academy training normally at the age of 4, but graduated at the age of 6, two years later ,already knowing all the academy had to teach. His team was signed up to the chunin exam when he was 7 and Ichiban was expected to win. However, he never got the chance to participate.Because of the mysterious Uchiha wipeout 12 years ago. Where all Uchiha was wiped out, Ichiban was presumed dead untill two years ago, when he walked into konoha with Kawoto Jin.
ANBU never got any information out of him, he has proved trusyworthy to leaf and is looked upon as a rolemodell for alot of young shinobi. But still what people would call an "enigma".
Uchiha Ichiban has been squad leader of one genin squad(Former squad 1). In that squad two are dead and one is missing. .

Ichiban was been trained by Lamakaki he was 19 by the time the training he had received was to help his control the power of the Sharingan better and give Ichiban more control over himself, Lamakaki told Ichiban that there was one last task he had to complete in order for his training to become complete. Lamakaki had told Ichiban to follow him to the location of the final task he had to complete Ichiban followed him not knowing what was ahead of him and what the take could be after sum time of traveling to the location of the take Lamakaki told Ichiban that they had arrived the location where they arrived at was an old forest and it was dark and gloomy Ichiban did not know what to think of the place he was brought to by Lamakaki, when suddenly they were attacked by an unknown man in a cloak and he said he could not allow us to live the man the man removed his cloak and Ichiban looked at the man he recognised that this was Ichiban child hood friend he grew up with in the Uchiha clan. Lamakaki he said to Ichiban that this was you final task you have to kill you best friend that you grew up with Ichiban looked at his best friend and killed him in cold blood so that he could finally have his power of the MS he had now achieved what he had sought out to do for so long then he turned around and killed lamakai in cold blood too as he showed no remorse.

At the age of 23 he finds himself in the organisation known as the Akatsuki. He often wheres a mask to cover his face

RP Sample:

Ichiban decided that if he wanted to get the most out of his Sharingan it will have to be taken to the next level, first day he went to train in the forest near Konoha he thought he would start on some endurence training so he would fee better in battles Ichiban went up to the local water fall in the forest and took some of his cloths off and sat under the giant water fall as the water poured down on Ichiban was been dragged down to the ground as the waterfall had a high dencity of water coming from it and as the water was coming down from the waterfall it was pushing Ichiban down. The current got worse the longer he sat under neath the water fall for after some time had passed he decided that he would go try a different type of training.
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Emeli Bell


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PostSubject: Re: Ichiban Uchiha   Sun 09 Oct 2011, 12:14 am

Approved; Unless otherwise stated
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Ichiban Uchiha
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