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 Edou: Impure World

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PostSubject: Edou: Impure World   Tue 11 Oct 2011, 8:06 pm

---[ The Cataclysmic Ones ]---

Name: Edou
Founder: -
Location: Kirigakure


Ever since the dawn of shinobi, there have always been intricate forces going to work inside of people. The names for it are different to many civilizations: deities who bestow their power on others for their own ends, ‘chakra,’ ‘chi,’ or just ‘energy.’ The end result is the same though; some learn how to mold their chakra and work with it, such as shinobi, and others never make the connection. In the world of shinobi, this energy is often regarded as a way to alter reality to some degree through sheer force of will, whether physically or mentally. But there is more to it than that—things not quite foreseeable.

Shinobi can be divided by castes, with the majority of them having pure energy in their chakra network, not defiled or unnatural. There are some, however, who are born differently, in lower castes. Their energy is not so pure, tainted from anything ranging from genetic anomaly to willful tampering from another being. Pure energy works completely in conjunction with the person, able to be used to their wills after being honed through training. However, tainted chakra does not simply dissipate, but lingers; its properties are different, altered, but still unusable after it has been expended for its purpose.

It is from this altered, unnatural, and impure chakra that—through a collective process spanning eons undetected—allowed a demon to be born. This demon had no name, but its embodiment was that of a corrupt essence. It took on a physical shape, random protrusions all around, dripping with gobs of pure waste matter. It was ugly, it was a mistake, but it was also inevitable. It wasn’t only capable of chakra, but it was made with it. Hideous, contaminated quitessence with no rhyme or reason; erratic in nature, it just spun, and spun. No ebb and flow, no complex whimsy. It just lashed out at everything around it in all directions until it infected and destroyed. Not conforming to a straight path and not even rotating. Plainly and wholly unpredictable.

Then it intervened. On the fifth day, humans were created, and all those amongst them in their kinship formed a clan.

Special Info:

Everybody who is born with the bloodline of the clan is capable of growing to develop their qualities. This includes not only those with both parents from the clan [], but also those who only have one parent from it [II]. Not everyone does, however. In fact, it is possible to have the bloodline and never develop the traits or abilities of it. The amount and severity of the characteristics that the clansman develop depend solely on his connection with the demon that spawned them [III]. This happens gradually, under stressful conditions, their lives being endangered in general, or being physically pushed to the limit repeatedly. One of the biggest predications is when the person likes to conserve their chakra, using only the minimum amounts of it on any given day for battling. The more that it’s consistently expelled, the less its harmful effects will build up within the user. If conserved often enough, it will cause certain reactions. These range from having to do with an external outlet [IV] or an internal change in the chakra network [V].

I. FULLBLOODS. These are the members who are born into the clan from both of their parents being a part of it. While almost indistinguishable from their half-brethren, they are more susceptible to the effects that their chakra can have on their bodies, given the proper conditions. They also assume a rather darker-looking appearance. Members like this will have an easier time controlling their abilities, including their chakra, as it will come more naturally to them. They’re often regarded more important within the clan since their blood isn’t mixed and will allow them to prosper more over time.

II. HALFBLOODS. These are members born into the clan with only one parent, their mom or their dad. As mentioned above, it’s hard to distinguish them from fullblooded members. When this happens, usually from someone in the clan being promiscuous with someone outside of their own kind, it will make the person less susceptible to the effects of their chakra under those conditions that change them. They look more normal in comparison, a bit less repugnant, and can take on physical traits from their other parent. Being mixed blood, they have a harder time learning to control their chakra and abilities, but this is by no means impossible. They’re less important within the clan, spawned from happenstance because of another members’ carnal desire.

III. CONNECTION. All of the members share one trait, which is that they’re connected to a being of impure energy. Their chakra is found not only in nature itself as with anyone else, but it’s contaminated with that of the demon as well, a part of them. The weaker they show themselves to be, such as from the above circumstances ranging between physical weakness to holding back usage of their chakra in battle, the more the effects will start to occur within the clansman. In regards to chakra however, it’s not simply holding off on using it that makes the change happen, but also allowing the corrupted properties of it to linger within the body and build up day after day unexpended. The more these conditions are met, the more the demon can manifest itself within the body of the clansman. As mentioned, some members have more susceptibility than others. However, this process happens as a result of a combination: both from the infectious nature of the demon’s chakra as well as its idealistic nature, since it wants its children to succeed.

IV. THE DEMON’S GAPE. This is one of the effects of allowing the clan’s chakra to build up. When chakra is used, it’s primarily focused in the solar plexus of the user as it’s becoming combined to form jutsu, or any application for that matter. Given the erratic, volatile, often destructive nature of the clan’s corrupt chakra signature, this can wreak havoc on this location over extended periods of time. This is because of the sheer concentration involved when it is used there compared to when distributed to tenketsu points. For this reason, this is where the demon manifests the most.

Initially, they will be plagued with stomachaches. These are negligible, and often they become completely overlooked. Certainly not anything to be worried about, since the pain may be associated with eating the wrong foods, or any number of reasons. This is will eventually start to develop into worsening pains. Despite a suspected problem, medical ninjutsu will be useless in this case, since there is nothing physically there to cause it. The final step is where the abdomen begins to tear open. It’s at this point that the corruption is inevitable, no longer being held off. Graduating from a tear, it becomes a deep and long hole. It will begin to develop teeth. The transformation concludes with a gaped mouth, in the likeness of the demon’s maw.

This secondary mouth is malleable enough to be used with jutsu, including elements, for a number of applications. It will become as a second mouth to the owner, used in the same way as their original mouths. This is a very good transition to have, because not only does it increase the surface area, but it concentrates their chakra when creating attacks. Because it’s so close to the solar plexus network—in fact, directly above it in epidermal layers—it will make the energy released from the gape readily accessible. Unhinged, raw, unpredictable, completely destructible chakra, directly from the source.

V. VOLATILE CHAKRA. Chakra from the clansmen actually begins as normal. There is only the presence of the demon’s chakra within them. Eventually, though, this energy can be permitted to grow. If certain conditions are met within the owner, then their normal chakra will begin to become infected with the demon’s chakra. When fully transmogrified, it will develop a silver-gray color, assuming that it’s focused enough to even be visible. It will also rotate in any and all directions, rather than remaining dormant and unmoving. This effect is from the various types of chakra that went into the creation of the demon, involving them oscillating in several different patterns. There are a bevy of applications that this type of chakra has on its environment. Because their chakra is not rigidly confined to a standard usage, and because it can be tailored to different ends, these vary between individuals.

Requirements: -
Current Members:
Sagano Seishin

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Demon Gape
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Physical
Rank: -


The Demon’s Gape, in the simplest terms, is a fully functional secondary mouth located on the user’s abdomen near their solar plexus that can be used to formulate jutsu and other chakra-based techniques. Because it’s located in this area, it’s right on top of where their chakra is formed, creating a connection between it and the source, meaning that the accessibility of chakra for this appendage is increased to a level of real-time. It’s much like the demon’s mouth that the clan is based on, that being which created them to begin with, and manifests there under specific circumstances that allow the chakra to concentrate within the body.

Chaotic-Neutral. The men love conflict, and showing their worth, but the women are likely to prefer keeping to themselves if at all possible. Despite this, they believe in togetherness, at least in regards to each other or those that they choose to be their mates, since group efforts allow people to thrive. They follow the civic duties of their respective villages, not confined to one village in particular. In fact, they believe they can get more done by proliferating their numbers around all of the villages. Their ultimate goals are naught, since looking toward the future is a useless endeavor. They do their best in the present. Nothing is particularly wrong or right to the majority of them—only what becomes and what must be done about it.

Members of the clan tend to be born with black eyes and black hair, though this is subject to change depending on if the member is fullblooded or halfblooded, since they may also take on features from the parent that isn’t part of the clan. Still, it is possible even for halfbloods to have predominant clan traits. Clothing is made by them, preferable to those made by others. It’s considered a rite of passage for the members to learn how to use The Demon’s Gape to sew an entire outfit, since this is the mark of becoming an expert at controlling it. Men tend to be egocentric, prideful, staunchly against authority and rigid order as well as defiant; these traits can be passed on to others within the clan quite easily, since the passing of personality quirks is more common in males than in females. Women tend to be assertive but fair, often neutral unless directly involved, and have more predominant roles than what is normally seen in a clan’s political structure—of course, the women also tend to have more diverse personalities than the men.

Primarily, the evolved member will have to become accustomed to his new physical features and how they correlate to his new chakra. Even though these can develop at any time in the shinobi’s life, their proficiency and skill when using them will depend on their own individual skill level and rank. Much of the process will come naturally, since the mouth in their stomach becomes second nature to them over time, the more they allow themselves to be exposed to its abilities and presence. The chakra is a little harder to control, and requires a bit of dedication to get down pact. It should be noted that it’s much easier to learn to manipulate than if the chakra was introduced to them outside of their bloodline, but this outcome is a predictable one. Normally, techniques become restricted for a while until the clansman becomes accustomed to the changes (discretionary).


The Demon’s Gape
Rank: --
Range: Supplementary
Category: Kekkei Genkai
Affinity: --
Clan: Edou (1)
Description: The Demon’s Gape, in the simplest terms, is a fully functional secondary mouth located on the user’s abdomen near their solar plexus that can be used to formulate jutsu and other chakra-based techniques. Because it’s located in this area, it’s right on top of where their chakra is formed, creating a connection between it and the source, meaning that the accessibility of chakra for this appendage is increased to a level of real-time. It’s much like the demon’s mouth that the clan is based on, that being which created them to begin with, and manifests there under specific circumstances that allow the chakra to concentrate within the body.

Hando Kazenokamino [Hand of the Wind Deity]
Rank: B
Range: 0—20 M
Jutsu Type: Kekkei Genkai • Ninjutsu
Element: Wind Image
Clan: Edou (1)
Description: Saga peels apart the jowls in his abdomen, allowing chakra to settle in the gullet. Wind surrounds this opening and gathers in the formation of a tendril and releases, severing anything that comes inbetween the projectile and its determined target. It will impact the target like a drill, making cuts in anything that draws nigh. The function of the
technique depends on the skill level that Saga is employing it and will grow in diameter, power, speed, and effectiveness the more the user develops as a shinobi and the more influence he has over The Demon’s Gape in turn. With him achieving the rank of Chuunin, the concussion is something like a boulder smashing into the target with blunt force, easily inducing internal hemorrhaging with solid contact or breaking dense bones like twigs.

Kaze Hanpatsu no Jutsu [Wind Repulsion Technique]
Rank: B
Range: 0—25 M
Jutsu Type: Kekkei Genkai • Ninjutsu
Element: Wind Image
Clan: Edou (1)
Description: Saga gathers chakra in his secondary mouth very quickly and then releases it in a way that it spreads out in a spherical manner, scattering a technique of equal or lesser magnitude away from himself and anyone in close vicinity of him. This is often a kamikaze technique.While not necessarily a self-destructive technique since there is a capacity to completely avoid an attack, Saga does put himself in harm’s way. If this technique hits a shinobi without any resistance from another energy, it can make them fly in the same direction, and can even be harmful to them. This repulsion is useless to fire-based attacks and stronger to lightning, but in many cases it can at least help shield an impact and thus reduce damage, unless the archetype of chakra is more complex in nature.

Fūton: Tsuuroken [Wind Release: Pathway Blades]
Rank: B
Range: 0—10 M
Jutsu Type: Kekkei Genkai • Ninjutsu
Element: Wind Image
Clan: Edou (1)
Description: Saga gathers chakra into The Demon’s Gape, then immediately clamps down the teeth found within the oversized mouth, clenching both them as well as the muscles around the area. Contracting his lungs, the collective chakra becomes released into the Wind Element, becoming ripped into sections through the demonic teeth spaces. Having to be literally forced out, this technique designates multisectional paths for blades of wind to cross, released with much force. Anything they reach within the range of ten meters will become sliced in any place that the erratic and unstable chakra-converged gust fragments can make contact.

Clan Special Characteristics:

  • Babies born into the clan our born with fully black hair.
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Edou: Impure World
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