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 Kaya, The Icicle Fang

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Traveler Ninja :: D-Ranked
Traveler Ninja :: D-Ranked

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PostSubject: Kaya, The Icicle Fang   Sat 15 Oct 2011, 12:17 am

Name: Kaya
Nickname: Icicle Fang
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Rank: Genin
Former Rank: N/A
Village: None (travels)
Former Village: Land of Snow
Affiliations: Ninken, Leaf Village (by extension of the village's Ninken)
Main:Ice Release (through Kekke Genkai)

Kekke Genkai: Ice Release (nothing major, just uses ice formation to attack and defend, similar to Haku in the anime, but nowhere near as advanced, mostly used as a last resort barrier, and as her namesake weapon, Icicle Fang, which is just a spike of ice about the size of a sword, which she forms, then wields by holding it in her mouth.)

Personality: Kaya is shy and reserved, barely talking unless directly spoken to. She tends to stare into the distance with a look of sadness, but never explains why she does. She seems to be somewhat unaccustomed to normal language as she tends to have to search for the right words before she says them. Though usually calm, her melancholy shatters when anyone refers to her as no more than a dog, and she becomes cold and vindictive. Whenever asked about the marking on her head, she becomes saddened and does not respond, or depending on her mood and who is asking looks sadly at the ground and walks away.

Appearance: she is a ninken, but she is actually a wolf in terms of her species. She has white fur, with a black marking on her head in the shape of a crescent with two horizontal lines going through it. She has bright blue eyes.

Bio: Summary: Though technically a ninken, she is not a summon or a familiar, she was born with an average shinobi's chackra, so when she was found by a wandering ninja as a pup, he took her in and taught her what he could, he later died and left her as his living legacy, from then on, she wandered about taking various missions. She is well connected with the ninken of the leaf village, and has helped them a few times in there endeavours. She is always searching for knowledge that may tell her where her family went, or who they were, but as of yet has never been able to find out anything on the subject. Though she has no true home, she often rests in a concealed underground clearing deep in the forests outside the leaf village. Though she does not officially have a rank, she is considered a Genin because she has enough skill as a shinobi to qualify, though in actuality her skill level is on par with most rookie chuunin.

Academy/Genin Arc: When she was about one week old, her parents disappeared, leaving her alone in the cold, but she was found by an old wandering ninja who nursed her to health. After a short time, he sensed that her chackra was close to his in strength, a fact that surprised him a great deal. Later, at about 1 year of age, she spoke to him, no more than a childlike copy of his own words, but it served to prove she was no ordinary wolf. He then decided that when she was old enough, he would teach her the ways of the shinobi. It was a few year later, when she was 4 years old, that the wandering ninja was attacked by another ninja, sent from a nearby village to assassinate him. She was picked up and held at knife point. Just as the old ninja was about to give in for her sake, her eyes flashed suddenly and a single, razor sharp icicle appeared in the air pointing directly at the assassin's head. before he could react, the spike flew into his head, killing him instantly, afterwards, he decided it was finally time to begin her training. With his help, she learned to use taijutsu, adapted to her speed and agility, she called her style of taijutsu Feral Arts, it was a bit less defensive, and a bit more aggressive, using the advantage of fangs, claws ,and four legs to her to try and stop the opponent from reacting. He then taught her to use her chackra to activate her ice release abilities, through which she made her trademark kenjutsu style, Icicle Fang.

Death of a Mentor/Till Present Day Arc: Not long after mastering her abilities to the point of being genin level, the wandering ninja took ill, likely due to his age. As he was dying, he told her to carry on, to be his living legacy. He told her to become stronger, to rise above all that stands in her way, and then as he took his last breath, he reached out, and gently pet her one last time, saying that, above all else, she should be happy. When his hand went limp, she carried his body across the snowy terrain to the place he first found her years ago, she dug a hole, and gently set him into it. After covering the hole, she used Icicle fang to carve the tree next to it into a small sculpture of him, inscribed with the words: “Wandering Ninja, you will live on.” After quietly saying thank you, she left the land of snow and all its memories behind her, and began her long journey to seek out her family, and find herself a place in the ninja world.

RP Sample: Kaya awoke in the night, and immediately set out to continue her present mission. Her task was supposed to have been a B-Rank mission to retrieve a lost scroll for the hidden leaf village, but the previous night she caught the scent of someone following her. They had attempted to attack her, and she quickly identified them as a hunter ninja from the mist village. She did not know how the mist village was involved, but she knew immediately that the hunter ninja was a lot stronger than her, she only barely managed to escape. She knew she should abandon the mission, but she was confident that if she could evade her deadly follower, she could still get the scroll. She proceeded cautiously but quickly through the forest, and everything was going fine for a time, then all of a sudden she caught the faintest scent of smoke, and she jumped to another tree just in time to escape the blast of a paper bomb trap. She thought to herself “Well, so much for not giving away my position, the whole forest probably heard that.” She quickly changed coarse so that her path wouldn't become too obvious, but as she entered the clearing in which the scroll was supposed have seen, the hunter appeared out of thin air in front of her. Instead of attacking her, the hunter reached up to the mask covering their face. As they removed the mask, Kaya's eyes grew wide, the man under the mask was the very same leaf shinobi that she had accepted the mission from. She was shocked, but she still stood at the ready, she formed her signature weapon, Icicle Fang, and asked, “What is this, why would you give me a mission, then try to attack me when I am carrying it out?” Then he said cheerfully, “Because it wasn't a mission, it was a test. The Hokage did not want to give you any actual missions right away, lord Hokage had heard of your work for many other villages, and gave me the task of making sure you were trustworthy enough to complete any actual missions, and to do so even if faced with enemies far stronger than yourself. I am happy to say, you passed.” Kaya was confused, but she was confident that the man was telling the truth, so she struggled for a moment, searching for the right words to use, then she calmly said, “Well... mission success...”

Extra info: She has very little skill in ninjutsu, as she is incapable of hand signs. Her speciality is in taijutsu, and kenjutsu (while using Icicle Fang), so she relies on her strong sense of smell and good hearing to detect average genjutsu.

I am not sure what rules there are around non-humanoid characters such as ninken, but I made sure to look through the rules board, I could not find anything that expressly forbids them, so I thought I'd give it a go, if not I can always try something else, sorry if I missed something obvious in the rules though.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaya, The Icicle Fang   Sat 15 Oct 2011, 9:41 am


(Unless a Admin states other wise I would think you would be allowed to be a animal I dont see why you cant)

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Kaya, The Icicle Fang
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