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 Cut Kaguya

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PostSubject: Cut Kaguya   Sat 22 Oct 2011, 2:56 am

Name:[/b]Cut Kaguya

Nickname: Yakuza Kiba

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Rank: Anbu Captain/Commander(Jounin)

Former Rank: Anbu,and Anbu root

Village: Hidden in the sand village

Former Village: Hidden in the mist

Affiliations: Young Ryo or Y.R.G. The Young Ryo Gang is a group created by Cut. Their goal is to become the most powerful force in the world.


Kekke Genkai: Kaguya

Personality: At first, he seems like a very unapproachable person. However, his rugged appearance masks a very rather nice individual. Cut has a pack mentality. Basically put, once you make friends with him, you basically have a brother for life (unless you betray him. In that case, you better pray for mercy the next time you see him after the fact). Basically put, anyone who attacks his friends and family will become a target of his rage. He is very protective of his friends, even when he knows they can take care of themselves (much to the annoyance of his colleagues). Beyong that, he is a rather jovial person and would much rather have a conversation and hang with his friends rather than rearrange someone's face. When he is on a mission, he usually keeps quiet. If he is not the leader on the mission, he usually follows orders to a T. Lastly, while he is loyal to the village, he's welcoming to all foreign shinobi. As far as he is concerned, anyone is welcome, lest "they act up".

Cut in a state of mind in which a he becomes angry or have "beast like" personality.Cut is a very talkative person. He could almost always be found with his friends at various spots in the village with a story to tell, some true and some fabricated (though, to his credit, he usually lets his listeners know when which is which). He is a good time loving-person who is very affable. He treats his friends like family and has no problem stepping in on their behalf or lending a helping hand. Whenver he is able to, he tends to have treats from his family's pastry shop for his friends. Despite his good nature, he has a meanstreak, especially when pushed or feels someone crosses the line. Whenever he is directly engaged with an enemy, he tries his best to get under his/her/their skin, constantly talking trash to enrage him/her/them into making a mistake that he could exploit. He also tends to add insult to injury, throwing back every insult his enemy said to him in his/her/their face(s).

Appearance: At 6'0", 165 pounds, Cut is a skinny male with olive complexion. He has light brown eyes that somewhat larger than the average set. On top of his head is long black hair that extends halfway down his back in a long dreads.Cut wears a fitted hat with sticker under the brim and hat's bill covering his eyes. He wears a doo-rag or hair net underneath the which is covered by his forehead protector and sits under a baseball cap. On each is the trademark red dots marks that are characteristic of his clan. For his uniform, he usually wears a heavy white parka, lined with with dear fur on the inside, over a black t-shirt (though he has more colors to choose from at his home). This parka also has a hood, which he usually has on. He also has a pair of black-rimmed, somewhat tinited snow goggles, which rests on his forehead whenever he is not using it. Along with that, he wears a pair of black snow pants tucked into a pair of white snow boots. Strapped to each one of his outer thights are pair of holsters used to hold his ninja gear.Cut Wears an oversized T-shirt. The T-shirt should be long enough to cover the entire torso and goes downt to his knees. Plain white shirts are his preferred style. He wears dark washed jeans. He wears the jeans baggy, low and without a belt.Wear the rag long and tied in the back, so that the rag hangs down on your shoulder. He wear light brown timberland boots and heavy a platinum chains and watches with embedded diamonds.Cut's teeth is embedded with diamonds and made up of platinum. His body is covered with vairous of tattos from his head to his feet.

Bio: Kaguya Cut was born in a dark cage ,found hidden deep in the bloody mist fog forest. Surround by darkness, the young toddler eyes open to a curel world. All he knew for the first four years of his life was mud,dirty , and the harden sealed gate. Cut was an out cast of the world around him. It would seem by the cruel tradations of his clan.

As he grew older the young Kaguya learned how to shape his bones into various shapes blade bones. He used these weapons to crave drawings on to the wall of his prision. Drawings of Animals and creatures swallowed the shadows around the boy. At the age of six he had turn his prision into a artistic sacurary. The mud and clay was now filled with paint. Red,gold, and white surround the walls.

The Young Kaguya had crafted keys to escape from his prision.He ripped his seals by fireing spikes into the back of the papers till the seal broke.The young kaguya had learn how to shape his chakra into his spikes and fire them to increase the striking power and speed of the projectile. The boy had riped through his own kage.

Cut first traveld back and forth from his caged home and a small village. The young child had got involded with a group of near by rouges. The rouges didn't seem to noticed them. The rouges was in a pack of four shinobis. The charged fast towards the amory. The Amory was gaurd by six head hunters. The Rouges and the head hunters clashed.

The young Kaguya instincted boy attacked as his clan would. He charged head first into the battle. Usings his body as his own weapon. However he was using raw skill and pure rage, was not match from the higher ranks up.

Cut stood his own for a little while,however was to slow for the much older shinobi. He's wound from the battle. He held his leaking side with his right hand. His knees was weak and wobbly. This was the end for him.

Two of the rouges was killed. There was two left fighting back to back angst the six head hunter ninjas. Only one head hunter was injured but still manged to fight. The two rouges soon meet there end while their efforts seem no matched for the six head hunters.

Now was only left was the faintly Cut. His vision blured and head was light. It was amazing how he was still standing. The six head hunters surround the boy. "Theres the skum, a Kaguya dummy" Mocked a black haired Head Hunter. "Hush" said a soft women voice, "look at him he's only a child." "The bastard took half my ear off with that attack of his. " Said a husky voice.

The Kaguya took a step back trying to keep his balance. He held his left index finger out foward pointing it at the husky head hunter. "...Ahhh Ugh...You won't stop me...." he muttered softly."Hey Kid,enough it's over" Said a man with a very kind voice. The voice went on, "Where your parents ?" Cut spung around pointing his index finger at the kind voice head hunter's leg. "I was born in the dark !!" Cut snapped. He felt arms wrapped around his shoulders and soft warm cheek rub angst his face. Then a soft women's voice said "Awww, you poor thing. You need a home". Cut's face turned red. His heart pounded.

The Head Hunters then disssucssed what they was going to with Cut. They deiced to take him in and trained him as there own student. The Young boy soon join the head hunters. The years quickly went by with the head hunters. His Accurcy projecting his bones out his body had became deadly.Cut had soon transform his body into his own weapon, and created a taijutsu fighting style that used his body as weapon lanucher. Cut had also master the seilent homicide technique and used it to his fighting advantage. He also use his hate and anger to minpulate his own adridline. Cut also mastered his Kaguya clan jutsu and created his own. He was known for using his katon element to sharpen his kaguya spikes.

The Young Kaguya growing up on the streets and darkness. Was soon adpoted into murder being a weapon the head hunters. They had taken him on every mission from the dasy they had taken him in. Each of them teaching him something differnt. By the age of 16 the young teeenage boy was now a full fledge killing macheine.

He used his skills to run crimes in the streets of the Mist village. He ran gang activitys threating to kill gang leaders. He also had stolen weapons from the mist village and sold them on the streets. The young boy even started to sell drugs to the citizens of the mist village. By the age of 16 was rich as the Mizukage.

The Head hunters soon caugh on to cut's activtys. The soon tired to punish him for it but it end to a deadly battle. Now Cut was a force to be reckon with being trained by all six and already making his own Kaguya abilites. The Young Kaguya manged to kill two of them and escaped from the other four.

He was severaly wound and barley made it to the sand village. The Kaguya was resuce by a women after passing out at the gates. Cut lied and said he was a rouge ninja growing up wondering. Him being with head hunters made him known in a lot of areas but gave him a lot of infomation. His skills allowed him to join the Anbu and the soon lead the Anbu Root of the sand village. His now the captain of the sand village anbu. However his life of crime still goes on Cut send drugs from the mist village back and forth to the sand village as well. Selling drugs and weapons in both villages. Cut created his own gang like organzation. With him being so highly in the sand anbu make it easy for him to cover it up.

RP Sample: Kane bit down of his cigar, finding it highly annoying that his companions should insult him to such a degree. He was growing very tired of such comments as he was only doing good in delivering on souls to the afterlife, but everybody seemed to have a problem with his attitude about it. This was immensely annoying and he came to the decision that he would deal with it no further than this point.

He turned to Amaia as his eye marks trickled out and began to flare out, his annoyance being evident on his face, even his vice of smoking could not contain them at the present time. "You do things your way dear, I do things my way. Besides, I don't talk what I can't do."

"As for you Master," Kane turned, marks still highly evident since he felt no need to hide his rage from Z, who would infer it anyhow. They'd been together long enough to tell that much. ", I have given my respects to the dead by delivering his soul to the afterlife and saying his last rights when I extracted his skull. I have no further need to respond to his death, and if I did I would be dancing for joy, not mourning. That body needs to be disposed of, it has no value without a soul in it."

"Oh, and I didn't forget about you my Konoha friend..." Kane said, marks raging out like a candle flame as he turned his eyes to meet the Aburames. "You're a Konoha half-wit, and I hate you down to the very atoms that compose your body. I only deal with you now because Z won't let me tear you apart with my bare hands and add another skull to my belt. I don't trust you, you have yet to show anything deserving of it and far as I know you're just planning to run back and inform the Hokage about our activities. That won't do. I'm not allowed to kill you, but I am allowed to take out a new insurance policy when the old one is done, and you're surrounded by Akatsuki."

Kane reached onto the deck of the boat, snapping off a length of chain only half a foot long with his hands, which even for Kane was feat impossible to perform were he not enraged enough to pacify his chakra, which enabled him to snap it in the first place. He reached over and placed the chain around the Genin's neck like a necklace, a gift of some sort, which he hoped was interpreted as he intended. He had no desire to kill the Genin, just his annoying master. Well, not right now at least. "If you want my trust then you'll have to remove the taint of the Leaf from your body completely. For now, that is impossible, and you are to pierce this link yourselves since i'm in no mood to do it for you. As for the information I inquired about, I want to know about the man, not the clan, I know everything there is to know about Konoha clans. But you know nothing about me, it's part of the reason I hate Konoha so very very much, especially overpopulated and overrated clans such as Uchiha, Hyuuga, Senju, Aburame, Yamanaka, Nara, Akimichi, and the whole host of clans you can name."

Kane's marks receded as he thought about Ryne becoming an ANBU, maybe he'd be worth his time after all these years. He always hoped he'd grow up and make something of himself, but he was still a virgin of death and pain. He awaited seeing him again, so that he could finish the job he started so many years ago. He had to die, that's all there was to it, so that when Kane himself died, he would have company in paradise. To die before that goal was completed will be undesirable, so he strove to make it happen as soon as possible. Twisted loyalty of sorts. "I know all about Ryne, I know his abilities, I know his family, I know where he lives, I know everything there is to know about for my former rival. That was simply a test question, to ensure you were speaking the truth."

Kane tilted back to look at Z and Amaia. "If either of you two are coming with, I recommend getting ready, polishing off your weapons, and choosing an identity to take. I killed the Senju, and i'll be using him as my identity, but as for you two, I have no idea. I suppose Z could come in via travelling jutsu, but you, Amaia, may have to accompany under a civillian guise or perhaps an Akatsuki with differing appearance. We can say Renji and Orito captured an Akatsuki and want to bring him to Konoha. Unless you have other thoughts on the matter Master?" Kane said, gesturing for some input from Zakuza.

"When you've all got your plan sorted out, let me know, I have some fine tuning to work on, and I have jutsu to perfect. Well, that's a lie, I really just ran out of cigars and I'm going back down to get some. Have fun on deck." Kane lied, he had three more packs of cigar on his person, but he felt no more need to stay up on deck and be bothered with petty things. Z would make sure the chain was in place, that's all he needed done.

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PostSubject: Re: Cut Kaguya   Sun 30 Oct 2011, 7:13 pm

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Cut Kaguya
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