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 Training Of the Inner demon 1-4 tails

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Shao Kahn


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PostSubject: Training Of the Inner demon 1-4 tails   Sat 22 Oct 2011, 9:27 pm

Shao the emperor of the stone village decided that he would do a training programme in order to better his sand controling abilities and may be able to understand and become one with the bijuu inside of him self. Shao would undertake this training over a while so that he could also fit his kage duties in with his training as well, the training would take place in the newly biuld training complex which contrained everything that could be need for training to be done it had drones, training equipment that were state of the art, gravity training machines, the A.I computer was incharge of the training complew its job was to make sure that training gets harder if the the one training finds it too easy.

Shao was ready to start his training today in the new training complex he was going to train his endurance today, he had finished all the work he had to do as kage for the day then went to the new training complex he took his training outfit with him to change into.

Shao headed for the changing rooms and changed from his battle atire to his training gear which was weighted clothing and some wrester type underwear, the wighted clothing helped train his endurence as the weights helped him train his muscle mass and strength.

Shao had finished getting changed into hsi training gear then headed out to the training floor so that he could begin his endurence training for the day there was so much that could be used for the training he thought he would try out the endurence drones, these where small flying drones that contained small explosives that were enough once there made impact with and object and have exploded to cause small burns to whatever they hit.

Shao activated a special handsign that was reconised with the training center to activate the endurence drones so that they would come flying streight for Shao and explode. The first of the flying endurance training began ot fly towards Shao, he got ready to take the impact by standing there and hardening his muscles so that he was ready for impact. The first of the flying endurance drones hit Shao and exploded it caused a small burn on his body but Shao showed no signs that it hurt him in any way. The second drone then exploded on shows body but still he showed no signs of pain. "Is this all you got". Shao had just shouted them words at the top of his voice then suddenly three more endurence drones appeared and began to fly towards Shao this was the start of the A.I starting to make the training harder if the one training found it too hard. All three of the drones hit Shao and exploded all in different places on his body at the same time, this time Shao fell to one knee and the remainder of the smoke from the drones impact just finished clearing. "Arhh this is better more I say" though it looked like the three of the drones had hurt Shao quite badly they had not done as much damage to him as first thought then Shao got of his knee and stood again waiting for the next of the drones to hit him again. After some time Shao had taken hits from more than 27 drones and was still standing but he was really hurting now and decided that he would stop using the drones for now.

Shao moved slowly over to the weight training area he was hurting all over but he still carried on training reguardless he laid down on the floor and begane to do some sit ups he counted out loud how many sit ups it had done. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7...".After a while Shao was still training and counting as he did sit ups."501,502" so more time had passed then Shao decided that he had done enough sit ups for the day.

Shao then slowly moved ove to the bicep curling machine so he could work on his biceps he started on 250Ibs and did 50 reps then uped the weight on the machine to 300lbs then did 50 reps and he uped the machine again to 350lbs and di a further 50 reps. He then switched arms then repeated the same process for the other arm then he got off the bicep machine and moved to a different machine.

Shao went over to the leg press machine this machine was decide how much weight and how strong Shaos legs were. He put the machine weight at 300lbs to start with and did 20 reps on the machine with both legs at the same time, then he uped the machines weight to 350lbs and did a further 20 reps on both legs then decided that he had done enough training for the day, Shao got of the leg press machine there were burns all over his body and he had limited movment and was walking slowly as he moved off the training machine and headed for the training room to pick up his gear and headed off to his Kage quarters. Shao arrived at his quarters and decided that he would have a drink of alcohol to take off some of the pain he had and then he went in the shower to cool of and wash his body and the burns down then his added some onitment to the wounds he had on his body then straped up wear he had all the burns so they could heal and then Shao grapped a masive chicken that was cooked that his assistant had done for him and he ate it all then decided to call it a night so he could recover his strength ready for his kage duties and for more training tomorrow. Shao arrived to wear he sleeped his bed was 8 feet long and 5 metres wide it was that big because of how tall and big Shao was he normally had the local dances in his room but not tonight as he was not in the mood from all the training that he had done and decided to go to sleep ready for tomorrow.

Shao awoke early that morning to get ready for doing his Kage duties for the day he got out of bed he went a made himself something to eat but he could not be bothered so he just ate the left over chicken that was on the table from last night he also drang some alcohol from his flask that also was left on the table then Shao removed the bandages from his burns that he had suffered during his last training to find by Shao's suprize that his burns had healed up it must be the power of the tailed beast within him. Shao got changed into his battle armour that he wore everyday and but on his skull like mask and headed to the office he arrived at the office to find that the door was repaired and the desk was replaced. The day had soon past and it was time for Shao to do some more training he was going to continue from where he left of yesterday and was ready for training today. Shao jumped out of his seat and jumped through the window in his office there was a large smash that could be heard as Shao just smashed the glass as he jumped through it and then there was a great thud as he landed on the floor of the village and Shao was heading for the training center so that he could continue his training he had his training gear in his hands.

Shao approched the training facility and headed for the changing rooms he took off his battle gear and changed into his training gear, his weighted cloths and wrestler like underwear. Shao then headed for the weight training first today he went over to the bicep curls again and started to work on his right arm he put the starting weight at 250lbs and did 60 reps then Shao then uped the weight to 3000lbs and did another 60 reps and then finally uped the weight for a final time and raised it to 350lbs and did his last 60 reps with his right arm the he then swapped to his left and hid the same process for his left arm starting at the lowest weight going to 350lbs.

Shao had finished on bicep curls and then when laid down in a space on the ground and decided that he was going to do some sit ups as he was doing the sits up he was counting them so that he would know how many he had done he began the sit ups. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...." After some time had passed Shao was at his 600 sit up and decided that would be enough for now and decided to move on to the endurance rones he was training with yesterday.

Shao activated the the specail handsign that activated the endurance drones in the training center two drones came flying over heading for Shao he was ready and was ready to take the explosion where ever it hit him. The first two endurance drones exploded on Shao's chest he seemed to feel no pain from the first two drones another set of three then were sent flying heading towards Shao again he was ready for them, the three endurance drones exploded at different parts on Shao's body he still did not see to be hurting him even with the burn marks on his body. Sometime had passed since he had started the exploding endurance draone training over 40 drones had hit Shao then his body could take no more punishment he was burned quite bably and all over his body he could take no more training today when suddenly his chakra around his body began to dilute and a strange chakra cloak formed around Shao then what looked like a tail formed from the back of Shao he power suddenly exploded and destoyed lot of stuff in the training room his speed which Shao did not normally have he was fast because of this chakra cloak that was formed around him. Shao knew what this was now it was the power of his tailed beast using its power to help out its host after a while of the power been active it suddenly deactivated itself and Shoa returned to normal again.

The training center was a mess but the A.I recorded what had happened and stored the data and was sent to the repair team to come and fix the place up, Shao headed for the changing rooms to gather his gear up then he headed home to go eat, take a shower and get ready for his Kage duties the next day before he went to bed Shao treated his wounds again with oniment and bandaged himself up again then went to bed so he could regain his strengh.

The next day had arrived Shao got out of bed nice and early and he got some food that had been left by his assistant, he took of his bandages and saw that once again the tailed beast had used its powers to recover his burns he had suffered yesterday during his intence training session. Shoa could not remember a lot about what accured during his training yesterday. Shao got dressed into his battle suit and head to his office the window that he had smashed yeaterday had bee repaired and there was a lot to do in the office today for Shao. A report from the repair team had arrived about the damage in the training center and they told Shao they had repaired the damage, they also told SHao they have a recording of what happened yesteday Shao put the recording on the Video play back system in his office and watched the footage of what happened Shao could see that he was in the video training when suddenly the demon cloak surrounding him then he started to go berserk around the training facility unitl he finally dropped to the ground. Shao order that and static electric system to be installed so that if Shao was to transform again the system would activate automatically cauing a massive electcal shock in the room making the subject it hits been knocked out cold this was to make sure that the village was protected from his rampage if Shao went on one again.

Number of words: 2097
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Agito Shuryu


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PostSubject: Re: Training Of the Inner demon 1-4 tails   Sun 23 Oct 2011, 8:24 pm

*Approval STampp*

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Training Of the Inner demon 1-4 tails
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