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 Monomyth Zen( Akatsuki Member)

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Erza Isadora :: S-Ranked
Erza Isadora :: S-Ranked

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PostSubject: Monomyth Zen( Akatsuki Member)   Mon 24 Oct 2011, 5:07 pm

Name: Monomyth Zen]

Nickname: [Dread Father/ Reaper/ Sexy man]

Age: [ 87( Physically Age is 23 due to his enhance, training and mental mind focus he was able to stop the aging.)]

Gender: [Male]

Rank: [ S Rank Criminal/ Akatsuki Member/Medical ]

Former Rank: [Former ANBU From the Hidden Stone Village.]

Village: [N/A Classified Info.]

Former Village: [Stone]

Affiliations: [ Akatsuki]

Elements: []
Main: Earth
Subs: Wind
Subs: Fire

Kekke Genkai: [kekkei tōta/Dust]

Personality: [Calm and Easy going, a Filibuster person around Woman, He however get's pissed off when someone asks how old he is and when he tells them they laugh because he does not look like it.]

Appearance: [ Along with his black skin he is 5'9 and has a long huge bulk blade he carries, and eight ninja pouches on his lower back of his robe, and six ninja kunai holsters on each side of his leg and his Long straw hat. Under the bandages he has scars that he wished not to heal, and a white eye ball, he was born with it genetically, he holds no special property. He is welled toned, and Looks Younger then his true age, much younger.]

Bio: [ Early Life:

His Early Life was a humble and genius years of his lungful youth. He lived in the Stone Hidden Forest with his parents, which were both Chunin Level nin of the Stone Village, back then times were very harsh. So Zen had to make his own life, from age 3 to 6 Zen was condoned a Genius. yet he did not attend the ninja school. His parents wanted him to be 100% perfect. Which however in the human sense was impossible. He was able to track down animal with ease at age 7, and hunt them kill him, to make a living for his family, this went on until he was age 10, when he finally enrolled in the ninja school. Also two notable features in this current time line, he was tufter and forced to work out, by his parents.

Academy Years:

At age of 10 he had became an Academy student at the Hidden Stone Village Ninja school. The Chunnin and Special Jounin that taught classes found him highly Intelligent and A weirdo. Some of his words made no sense, but when he actuality showed them it seemed that it did work, somehow. And were impressed by his brain, not the person by the way he was able to use his brain to solve problems. He was made fun of, and he did nothing at all, but ignored them, hell he was even beat to near death, he did not attack them back. Nor were they punished, he said."You have to do what you have to do. It's the way of life."He said, and each time he said that he got beat up. Once the test came in he excelled with all As. He was always perfected. Also along with the ninja school each time he went home, He studied, and barely got any rest. He always liked to inexpert on things and find new ways to bypass or out number a correct logic, or fact. With a new one. Meaning he was grateful and wondrous.

Genin Years:

He became a Genin at age of 13, he had developed multicolor elements, he was able to use to Elements, but had not mastered none. He also under went Medical Studies, to become a Medical nine, and Under went E, D Missions mostly through his years. Until the age of 18, when he under went three C ranks, And Became a Chuunin at age 20. During the Chuunin Exams, In the first part he excelled like he would have in all courses, The Second part of the Exam was a very struggle battle, seeing as his own team, Backfired on him and nearly Killed him if it was not for the Hidden Village's Lovely Alexis. The girl ed that saved his life. It was for the first time he actually felt something good of himself. The Final Part he was facing agonist Alexis, he he had lost, and she had placed him in a coma, but due to his high Level of Intelligence and his goals, and the way he acted he was promoted to Chuunin Status, By sheer mean fully luck, and His IQ level.

Chuunin Years:

Becoming A Chuunin at age 20, he was a far great ninja at age, 21 one, Completing over 800, E, D, 100 C , 20 B ranks Jutsu all usefully, and harness three Elements, however it limited to what he can use, he had three elements, and high Charka, yet his in-mastery of the Elements, prevent the use until age 40. It was if something was holding him back, He under went an Human Body experiment and Body and Mental Focus, that stopped him from aging at age 23. However this did not grant him Immortally, but it did grant him a long life. At a small, price, if he did not work out monthly, he would show examples of old age simply building over the coming years. Aside from that he became a Jounin at age 30.

Jounin Years:

Becoming Jounin at age 30 he was still made fun of because of his Groggily level, why has he not become a Jounin early, it was simple he wanted to do more mission. And Him Nearly coming to under his elements, By the time of Age 40, He was capable of using B and A rank Element jutsu with Ease, By the age of 50 he finally discovered he possession a Advance Element Type. Which was a Fusion of three Elements, into a Four, Which He discovered was Dust. Only then was he Respected, by how he manged to drive of a swam of A rank Ninjas, with one A rank Dust Jutsu, leaving him in a very one year coma, he recovered after words, And was told to lay low, he could have died after performing th Jutsu, and his skin flesh was dismounted Lucky back then the Medical Unit was Good, However it seemed strange that his body still hasn't age, but of course it did say over the years if he didn't train, which meant more then one.

ANBU Years:

At the Age of 60 He became in the ANBU black ops, and at the Age of 70 he became the Head ANBU Captain of the Medical Unit. During the ANBU Years, All he did was Train, Missions, Element training, Dust Element Training, Medical, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, And Even Kinjutsu. Which were Forbidding arts. Something caused him to go completely Nuts, During the year at age 75 He left the Village, because he found out Alexis was murdered in cold blood, And she was old not to do anything.

Deflection And Joining the Legendary Deadly Organization:

He left the Village at age of 75, murdered a Village and destroyed it, by village he means people living in the wildness living a peacefully Life, Without Ninjas By age 80 he destroyed 20 Inflection Villages, And Ate the people. Raped the Children, raped, the Female kids, raped the Teenagers, Raped the Murders, beheaded the Men, impaled them, ate them, and then Dusted there village, out of Anger of Alexis. And then Joined the Organization at age 86]

RP Sample: [ Using my Last Sample I did yesterday.)
It has nearly been six months, six long hard working months, Full of freaking Bull crap and insanity in this idiotic stupid unionization.I have meant my few of foes, that I one day will destroy and exterminate into the pits of Oblivion.My former Colleges, Had been already promoted Genin, Yet I waited, it was only a matter of time until I became one as well.You see it is not that friendship, or love, Nor Urgency of happiness that makes one truly happy in the world it is how you define yourself.I myself Plan, Once I am a Jounin or Kage, to take over the world and to infect Dictatorship around my people and country, cause war win, infect bargains, Enslavement. It has always been my dream to do this. Always has been, The day I was born but I must wait it will come soon enough or I will be simply changed into a Happy Loving person, I am nine of age still and a Progeny as well as a Genin.I have been pushed and tossed like a bloody sea hawk, I was punched in the face by the teacher, Slammed into the wall, and Down on the ground, I have Indore radically punishment for my body at a young age, that most children will surely Cry From. It is my time current time to learn and Kill, To Assassination anyone I feel like, but the time is not yet ready my darling, I will Find this Creepy looking Teacher Ken, I will confront him.

It is the time of Clumping As I have Developed and Created a Poison that took me a few weeks to form. It was rarely Hard, but I manged it. It was rare to do soon. Unlike others I have a High Level IQ for my Age and Is able to Develop and act quickly, In high presser secretion.Now as I was saying, Upon getting the rank of Genin with the promotion I was given I was able to have my former Blade, re crafted and made longer, yet it's more heavily then it should be of course. But it will help me with my upper body strength and place me into a radically slow motion.In Walking and running.

Lastly I will be ending this section of show and tell by saying I have deposited a Gasp for the Poison like Elements The Dokuton element it is a rare element and only few use it.And few master it. It's quine and great for Basic users, But powerful to Nature and the envelopment as well to the user, once he or she has advance the level of Mastery over the element. And Now we must part, Fellow readers, Until next time when I have achieved the rank of Chuunin. May the Vampires eat your soul.]
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Erza Isadora :: Leader
Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Monomyth Zen( Akatsuki Member)   Mon 24 Oct 2011, 5:54 pm

Approval granted unless otherwise stated

Strawberry Fields Forever
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Monomyth Zen( Akatsuki Member)
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