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 Kitsune [DONE]

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Anbu :: Medic
Anbu :: Medic

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PostSubject: Kitsune [DONE]   Mon 24 Oct 2011, 6:13 pm

Name: Kitsune Narashi

Nickname: Fox of the Cloud/ Kit / Vulpe (ANBU Code name)

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Rank: ANBU Medic

Former Rank: Kinkaku Force Medic

Village: Cloud Village

Abilities: Kitsune possesses enhanced senses of hearing and smell making it easy for her to distinguish people by their scent. This skill makes her vital in search missions because she is the one who tracks and also makes the possibility to avoid any trap or enemy.

Subs: Fire, Water

Kekke Genkai: Shishi Chi(Beast Blood) - a bloodline ability in which protein levels in the body in muscles are beyond that of normal human beings, the ability gives the user twice the strength and speed than normal and is produced primarily in skeletal muscle cells, circulates in the blood and acts on muscle tissue. Poison is easily negated in the users body making them immune to poisonous hazards, this makes the Narashi clan's blood a good element for coming up with cures and medical uses on the battle field. the Narashi clan also heals rapidly injuries that would take weeks to heal are healed in a single day, this healing trait also helps with fatal wounds allowing them to survive long enough to get proper medical treatment. Narashi clan's DNA has somehow enabled them to be able to communicate with animals with a single stare or openly understand them through noises they may make.

Personality: She is often referred to as a "Female Beast" by the others due to her brute
strength and violent tendencies. Kitsune acts tomboyish at times and can seem cruel and merciless when it comes to shinobi matters despite this she seems to be a caring and loyal person. She has also been described as someone that puts her all into whatever she does

Kitsune has long flowing pink hair as well as emerald green eyes she however changes her hair style when ever she is on ANBU duty

-Orphan Raised By Wolves-

Kitsune's actual birth took place somewhere in the land of lightning the child of two roaming Shinobi of the Narashi clan, her mother and father were rouge ninja of the cloud village that fled during a devastating village attack apparently they had offended clan members of their clan in the village which prompted them to leave with their unborn daughter. Only a few months after Kitsune's birth ANBU came looking for the village deserters to make a good living her father sold secrets of the cloud village to rouge ninja but the cloud found out about this and decided they could not ignore the traitors any longer ANBU black ops murdered Kitsune's father who gave his life to allow his wife and daughter to escape, her mother knew very well ANBU would not care for her child and made a choice finding a near by river she hid her few month old daughter near the river bank and led the ANBU away from her hoping to lose them then return, sadly her mother never did the little girl cried for hours by the river bank only attracting predators.

A Pack of wolves heard the babies cries and came investigating the noise in their territory Kitsune was basically a free meal and just as the alpha male was about to sink his teeth into the babies flesh the alpha female of the pack rushed the wolf aside growling in protection of the baby as if it were her own cub, with out realizing it Kitsune's ability to communicate with animals was triggered when she stared into the female wolf's eyes, despite being a baby the communication ability triggered the wolf's motherly instincts. Shortly after Kitsune was carried off by the wolves to their den where she was treated as one of their own and as four years passed bieng raised by wolves Kitsune was like a wild child of the woods hunting with the pack tracking with the pack and learning the ways of the forest, because of this Kitsune's sense of smell sky rocketed.

-Fox Among Wolves-

By the time Kitsune was 6 she had already began wearing pelts of the dead animals she killed with her pack, the one she wore the most was that of a Fox which she wore constantly. During a routine mission cloud ninja stumbled upon the den of the wolves and were surrounded by snarls and growls of the pack being shinobi they could have easily handled them selves but were shock to see a Fox coming from within the pack only to be more surprised that it was a child wearing a Fox's pelt. Kitsune had never seen any other human being and would not remember her mother as a child so she was very curious of the shinobi approaching them slowly only to be cut off by her adopted wolf mother who feard for her, Kitsune however through her animal communication skills made the entire pack stand down the cloud shinobi were baffled of this strange meeting, a child raised by wolves? when they tried talking to her Kitsune did not know their language but through some means was able to understand that they wanted her to come with them. Kitsune did not want to go at first but wanted to see what it was like with people that were like her and left the pack of wolves with the ninja

-Cloud Village Arc-

After leaving her adoptive family of wolves Kitsune was brought back to the cloud village, where it was discovered she belonged to the Narashi clan, her mother gave her a bracelet that belonged to her which helped identify this. A man by the name of Nuraku was the one who would identify this as he knew the mother well and knew she was pregnant before she left the village. Nuraku was part of the Narashi clan in the cloud village and decided to adopt the little girl and after learning of the Story of how she was found decided to name her Kitsune(Fox) after all he did not know her real name. Nuraku would teach Kitsune the way of a normal human being though he foucn it hard raising a child that was raised in the forest, he even caught her one day stalking a chicken in his back yard but stopped her before she would sink her fanged teeth into its flesh. It took some time but after two years Kitsune was more or less normal, able to speak properly and act like a normal human being to some degree.

Nuraku could not help her act more lady like however with out a wife to help him he had to raise kitsune the best he could being a Narashi it made sense that he would send her to the Ninja Academy she was a Year older than most of the children and was scared to even talk to any of them, most of her life in the cloud she avoided other children and never even talked to her, some of the kids would make fun of her after hearing from their parents of Kitsune's past as a wild child of the forest, but after a few broken noses she gave out no one made fun of her again. There was one boy named Sorai however who never made Fun of her and quickly became her friend sure she found him annoying at times but he seemed ok even helping her out in class when she needed it, Kitsune was somewhat slow on ninja matters but tried her best not to fail, always reaching home early to do her homework and practice what she learned in school that day. One day when she came home she found her Adopted father Nuraku crying in his room while staring at a picture of some woman, he caught her peeping into his room and called her she thought she was gonna get scolded but a sweet smile came to Nuraku's face explaining to her that she looked just like her mother he showed her the picture who turned out to be Kitsune's real mother. Nuraku explained to her that he was actually her uncle and the brother of her father, he was to be married to her mother but Nuraku's brother stole her heart and impregnated her. which is why they fled the cloud village together.

Kitsune upon learning more of her parents suddenly felt distant it reminded her of her adoptive wolf pack that allowed her to survive all those years, when she was younger she promised to visit them one day and she still has not left the cloud village. Kitsune decided she would try to have her friend Sorai teach her some ninja skills since she was at the bottom of the class help really was needed, for the rest of the academy years they often trained together which forged a strong bond of friendship.

-Shinobi of the Cloud!-

With the added Help Kitsune graduated the Ninja academy with Average grade scores and was placed on a Shinobi team with Sorai her best friend and a Member of the Kamikaze clan who was sort of an ass hole in class and even during the time spent in their three man cell genin squad, by this time Kitsune was complimented in being one of the most beautiful of her graduating class, she indeed inherited her mothers beauty, all the boys around her age would bother her constantly which was rather annoying She wasn't exactly the most knowledgeable type when it came to romantic matters as Sorai put it she was basically one of the boys

She did not have many female friends which made her a target for girl drama as the other girls did not like the attention she would get from the boys of the village, Kitsune could not understand why they hated her so she did not seem to care. When the Chuunin exams came around her team was primed and ready they were certainly talented enough for their sensie to nominate them to enter it. Kitsune would walk into the exams like some crazy gorilla lady trying to intimidate the competition but only got some rather evil stares and and huge combined mass of murderous intent aimed towards her, seems that the chuunin exams that year would be filled with merciless shinobi what a drag but this didn't stop them from passing the exams, sadly the Kamikaze clan member Shishorou that was placed on their team was killed during the forest of death part of the exams, he gave his life to protect his comrades revealing that he always thought of them as his closes friends, and confessed his love for Kitsune ever since they were on the same team he cared deeply for her, he was savagely murdered by Leaf ninja whom he killed himself by booby trapping his own body with explosion tags. Kitsune who was emotionally distraught by Shishorou's valor vowed to avenge him

The Leaf nin that survived the explosion was alone with both of his team mates dead, Kitsune used her heightened sense of smell to track him down she was in an emotional rage and wanted nothing to do but murder the nin that escaped, Sorai calmed her down however and she decided to stop her hunt. They found the scrolls they needed to pass the exams and finished dead last only to find the leaf nin in the group that passed the 2nd stage of the exam he mocked their team mates sacrifice which enraged Kitsune into punching him through a wooden wall swearing that she would make him pay in the 3rd exam. A fact which seemed to be int he making as she was scheduled to fight the leaf nin in the first round through her rage Kitsune was beaten to a bloody pulp but soon realized to win she would have to calm her self and think clearly, with her new state of mind she turned the tables of the battle fighting on an equal level with the leaf ninja the battle ended with both of them rushing towards each other with Kunai knifes but Kitsune being faster due to her KKG was able to strike the leaf ninja first shoving the blade into his chest and whispered in his ears "Join your friends in the after life " Kitsune forced the Kunai into his hear killing him and earning her the victory, but due to the injuries she sustained she was not able to partake in the rest of the exams, but she did get the title of chuunin.

-Kitsune the Fox of the Cloud-
After the vigorous Chuunin exams Kitsune took a few weeks to recover from her battle, both she and her close friend an team mate Sorai were able to pass the exams even though she did not go passed the first round. After a few years of chuunin Duty the Rank of Jounin was placed before Kitsune who gladly accepted it, she became a Sensei to students shortly after who would be the most skilled of their year but after they became Chuunin she decided to look further into serving the village further, the Raikage gave her a position on the Kinkaku force a year after her former teammate Sorai was placed unto the squad so she felt right at home with him on the squad but after a Year of Kinkaku duty Kitsune became legendary in the cloud village Obtaining the Title of the 'Fox of the Cloud' her cleverness and cunning skill in combat earned her the title of "Fox" a high honor for a Kinkaku member, Kitsune's tracking skills were very useful for the force as well as her tactical awareness, when Sorai was made captain of the squad he swiftly made her the second in command not because they were close friends but he knew she was the best choice for its position.

After a year Sorai left the squad which put Kitsune as the forerunner of the Kinkaku squad captain spot, however she did not want such responsibility humbly declining and leaving the force to become an ANBU black ops member where she would work along side Altair Denkou on a squad until he left and later became the Raikage of the cloud village. Kitsune is now on a squad that Sorai commands in the ANBU as a certified medic and is a highly trusted member of the village.

RP Sample: DO I need one ? its yasuo T_T

BIO data connected with other characters was approved by them for my use :)
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Anbu :: Medic
Anbu :: Medic

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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune [DONE]   Tue 25 Oct 2011, 5:31 pm

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Tobias Isis


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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune [DONE]   Tue 25 Oct 2011, 5:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune [DONE]   

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Kitsune [DONE]
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