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 Tobias Isis: The Body-Shrink

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Tobias Isis


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PostSubject: Tobias Isis: The Body-Shrink   Mon 24 Oct 2011, 9:44 pm

Name: Tobias Isis
Nickname: Tobi
Age: 98 years old
Gender: Male ♂
Rank: Akatsuki + Medical Surgeon
Former Rank: Hokage + Medical Surgeon
Village: N/A
Former Village: Hidden In The Leaf
Affiliations: Medical Team
Elements: Lighting & Wind
Main: Wind
Subs: Lighting
Stolen Elements: Fire
Kekkei Genkai: Voodooism (NOT AN AFFINITY)
Personality: Tobi is a wonderful good boy, or shall I say, a good man considering he is 98 years old. Oddly not having an old person personality he is somewhat childish with everything.
Appearance: Tobi considering Tobi being 98 years old has the appearance of a 12 year old. Pink hair and always wearing flip-flops.

Genin Arc:
Tobias was a good child growing up in the rural parts of the Konohagakure. As he grew up he was fascinated by his father’s work of being a medical surgeon for fellow ninjas that were hurt during combat. Fascinated so much every night Tobias would read about the anatomy of the human body through countless written works. Strangely however, he became very close and intelligent with learning about the eye’s of the human body. Secretly he dreamed to become an eye bearer of a kekkei genkai, more-so with the infamous Uchiha clan. He believed that he was somehow secretly apart of the clan and that one day he would be picked up from his ‘other family’ to teach him the ways to activate his Sharingan. So much that he believed this he sat inside looking out his room window staring at people walking by hoping for said Uchiha to appear.
This hopeful day seemed to never appear for the poor-minded boy Tobias as he consumed much of his life waiting for this to become reality for him. His father and mother soon shipped him into the Ninja Academy School where he soon received the rank of Genin and was also soon to be trained into the medical area.

Chunnin Arc:
Tobias soon grown up to be a prodigy within the medical field, and was seen to be on the level of his father. Skeptical at first from such an honor from several medical ninja Tobias hadn’t spoken too his parents for since he left for schooling and lived in a separated area of the town. As he went to his parents house he saw his mother sitting on the porch. Gravely looking and ghostly he smiled as Tobias walked into the house and towards his father’s study from which he remembered where it would have been. Underground he went after pressing a secret button in a mysterious statue he walked down into the dark abyss of the underground.
He noticed his father soon enough hunched over dead human bodies on a steel table. It was his job as a medical ninja to remove all body organs to keep ninjutsu and village secrets kept tightly enclosed within jars that will be destroyed. His father turned around and was lost of words.

“My boy, my son!” his father said as he enveloped his son in full arms. Tobias looked down and noticed the human body on the table. It was the dead body of an Uchiha. His eyes completely widened. “I WANT THEM! I NEED THEM!” were one of the many thoughts that rushed through his head. Outstretching his right arm while still in the embrace of his father he lessened and succumbed to losing the life-long goal of his entire life right in front of him. Tobias soon graduated from being a Chunnin and became a Medical Jounin.

Jounin Arc:
After becoming a village known medical prodigy and graduating to the new rank of jounin Tobias set out to continue vigorously in the fields of medical works and even think up of his own medical works such as preserving body parts longer than normal using special remedies recently developed by Tobias alone. Everyone never thought of it as special, however for Tobias it was a great mile-stone of what he wanted to do in the near future.
When he did another special visit to his parent’s he noticed his mother still having the grave looking expression on her face. She looked at him once again giving the same smile, however she motioned him to come with her inside. Slowly he followed his mother be barely really knew and yet she was taking him into a room that was once abandoned to go into when he was young.
As the door open it was dimly lit with just a table in the center, it was rather large with strange symbols in the center. His mother ghostly moved to the one end of a table and the symbols erupted in light as she sat down.

“It’s time to tell you half of your genetic family tree, of voodooism...” she said.

This very moment was the first time he was taught by his mother the secrets of her clan of being a voodoo-ist. This hidden secret only fueled his medical research for his secret plans. But to not get caught was something he needed to look into.

Medical Surgeon Arc:
Before the death of his father, he called upon him to come back home. As he appeared at the side of his dying father he whispered something to his ear and pointed to a monument near the entrance to the room’s door. His instructions were kept hidden and only for him to know of.
“I wanted to teach you when I could see you as the village medical surgeon, and my secret to my success, however, I have to give you this scroll in advance in my condition.
Unbeknownst to Tobias, his father was different from his mother’s clan and that they came to the leaf village to inbred in hopes to create powerful offspring. And it was a powerful secret he kept and how each body was perfectly mummified. The other half to voodooism which drains the body of all liquid into a mummification like state, which was the success to his father and now it too was his own.
After becoming the village Medical Surgeon it was now that Tobias could now invest his time in dissecting human bodies in search to find a way to steal jutsu of clans and information in secret. He waited for the day of a Uchiha to find up dead upon a mission, but this proved to be quite a while. In the meantime Tobias being the medical surgeon of the village also not only hollow the dead completely, but helped the near-dying and the sick injured people also. He developed his sacred use of voodooism to contract the near dyeing's hearts and refocusing their chakra network through into their eyes, it was near unnoticeable since they were the people near-death but still pure in power in such a way it was a blackmail secret for Tobias as he extracted eyes of many ninja with different elemental attributes for him to harness their powers for his own. And so he extracted the many eyes in developed them into ghostly puppet figurines in which he used when he was sent on missions. No one knew of his powers as he was sent on missions by himself.
He grew close to clan bearers of eye powers, especially with the Uchiha clan along asking about stories when theirs awoken.

Hokage Arc:
With great success comes great rewards and so he was rewarded with the title of Hokage of the Village. Something he never knew was possible. But his dark secret kept him paranoid of possible threats against his life or the possibility of people revolting against him if anything gets out. He slowly went away from secretly stealing dead human eyes and insisted upon shrinking the bodies to leave no trace and to replace the bodies momentarily with doppelgangers to steal his product of thief. By using shrunken bodies of human bodies to the size of 6 inches long it kept the chakra system within the body and their kekkei genkai still intact for him to know through the use of human puppets and with his voodooism to be able to have live subjects under his control, however his voodooism can work with his dead bodies as puppets. This is in no way similar to the impure resurrection technique.
Yet, he was caught shrinking human bodies and soon felt the person coming clean, he locked himself within the office of his and felt fear for his life. Her name raged through his mind, Florence Govinda. A well respected ANBU of the village and he knew word would get out. However, his plans of getting a body or even eyes of an Uchiha seemed distant and he looked quickly and vigorously through files to find a fitted Uchiha to kill and take their body. It couldn’t be a well-known ninja, but it couldn’t be a Genin of the eye either.
He found one, Imogen Uchiha, a female Uchiha that went on countless missions of A-ranked and B-ranked. He would just need to send her out of the village on a mission quickly so he could leave and kill the girl. He sent his advisers to seek the girl out and give her a mission to the land of tea to find a rouge ninja of Tobias went to his medical office to start packing his papers and research.
Then she came, Florence Govinda, with a team of ANBU ready to strike Tobias down and had him cornered in his medical office.
“You fools, believing that of a fools word against your Hokage of treason. It’s impeccable to even think about...” It was true that the ANBU had no evidence against him but the village elders bought her plea and wants to bring him in for questioning. “It’s quite hilarious that you think you can take me on...” With Tobias speaking he turned around abruptly and chakra strings attached to everyones chest, it was similar to another jutsu but the strings were not connected to his but of his ghost puppets. “I can sacrifice these for new ones...especially with ANBU secrets and jutsu...” Tobias preached as he slightly tugged the wires which made the ANBU act accordingly and began to bleed from the chest. In Tobias’ other hand he held several strange pins which he immediately struck into three of the four puppets and three ANBU instantly collapsed into the floor dead, only Florence remained.
After a long epic battle the office, a large explosion burst 3/4 of the village in a shaking quake and ¼ to suffer flames of ingratitude. Tobias successfully escaped the village with only one successful transfer of a shrunken body and the other blown to bits. It was no worry as he was only after an uchiha body to control on his own.

Akatsuki Arc:
Soon Tobias caught up to the Uchiha and elaborated a plan in his head on how to kill the Uchiha.

“Listen, I’ve decided to come with you to make sure you were alright....” He told her and she grew an irrational look of unfortunate grin upon her face, she knew he was lying.

A battle between the two raged on and soon strange powers from the Uchiha erupted from her being that Tobias was unaware of that the Sharingan could do, it was Mangekyo Sharingan. As the battle waged closer to nightfall Tobias grew the upper-hand by using his Mummification technique to successfully and mummify her body by shrunking it into a new puppet. His life goal was now complete. However, since the Uchiha knew of the Mangekyo powers Tobias did not and doesn’t know how to activate them. Questioning what they might be he could not go back to the Leaf village after his blackmail of stealing bodies and secrets from all around including jutsus they knew and village secrets they gained from other villages and the leafs now in documented in papers. He’s in the perfect situation to gain control over the world if necessary or even rage wars between villages.
However, he knew information of the Akatsuki and soon found them. His wants to join the most criminalised organization. His knew life is about to begin and his goal to fully control Sharingan and it’s secrets it nearly in his clutches.

Last edited by Tobias Isis on Mon 24 Oct 2011, 10:15 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Tobias Isis: The Body-Shrink   Mon 24 Oct 2011, 9:45 pm

Approval granted

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Tobias Isis: The Body-Shrink
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