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 Ninjie Menio

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PostSubject: Ninjie Menio   Sat 29 Oct 2011, 12:36 pm

Name: [Ninjie Menio]

Nickname: [Hunted]

Age: [11]

Gender: [Male]

Rank: [Genin/Medic]

Former Rank: [N/A]

Village: [Hidden Cloud Village/ Lightning Country]

Former Village: [N/A]

Affiliations: [Cloud]

Elements: []
Main: Water
Third Sub:

Special Traits: Sensory Ninja

Kekke Genkai: [Lava Release/ Lava Manipulation. Part of His Bjuu ability. As a Host in the Demon. Holds the 9 Tailed Werewolf]

Personality: [Calm easy going, yet easily pissed of if he does not ET what he wishes for. He seems to cuss alot and be a smart as he also has an IQ of 190.]

Appearance: [ He is a red haired boy that is is 4'9 and has a very toned ripped body, he has a long swift samurai blade. A Dragon Tattoo on his back, and a marking of a Werewolf's Scathe on his left chest, of His Jinnah Feature. His also black. Has a red Colored Gourd on his back that contains Lava.]

Bio: [Early Years:

During his early Years, he has been an spadeful sole member of his house hold always forced to study, do jobs, same own same old as a house slave. Being in a house of 9 brother, 20 sister, whom are are all Either Chuunin or Jounin, while his parents retired, was tough to keep up the high expects of there ranks. There was not much to do outgoing seeing that his Brothers and sister have already did everything, so he decided to make something else of himself maybe his own personally Adena. It was rather annoying. At the Age of 8 he in rolled in the ninja Academy.

Academy Years:
8- through 11

During this years, he had been working hard, and trying to earn the respect of his others, yet other rejected and used him for his own gain and smarts, which he was a foolish boy to listen to what others said about him. When the Exam came into plan he was a bit out ragout and passed with flying colors. Which was an understatement becoming a Genin at age 11, his brothers and Sister laughed at him at how he gadded at age 11.

Genin Years/ Massive Detestation of the Village And Sealing the Nine Tailed Demon Werewolf:

The Village Massiveness, upon a Full moon, a outrageous power Hungry Lava Dripping 9 Tailed Werewolf had attacked the Hidden Cloud Village, and nearly tore the place done if it was not for the Kage of the Village, The Raikage( Akria Denkou sorry for misspelling your name.) The Raikage choose a 11 year old Genin for some weird reason, which Was Ninjie Menio, he was unsure why, but it seemed to be a good choice at the time.

Sealing the Demon Inside Ninjie Menio:

During the sealing process it took nearly over 500 men to restrain the Werewolf, none stop for the Last 450 hours, and even that did not stop him, along with 50 Seals which was enough to keep the beast a Bay. before the Raikage sealed the Beast inside Menio, it was however not a pleasant feeling at all, his heart and brain felt like Exceeding into million pieces given him a huge mental trauma. It felt like Needles enplaned him like Steel Sword going down his skin. Coming out through the other side.

Current Date:

After the Beast was sealed off, And Menio was healed by the medics, It came to Menio that he had extortionate, Powers, a very huge Charka Boosts, He even show Signs of Lava Release, and Lava Animation. Although both Lava Release Is limited to Menio, Lava Animation is like his Shield of Shield.(Most like Gaara's Sand.) He carries a very Large Red Gourd, that contortions Lava inside it that he animation, seeing as he has yet to obtain Earth and Fire, he can't use Lava release that good, same with Lava Animation, but is able to use Lava Animation with better effect. So far he can use Lava Manipulation At will to form A Shield around him to proceed him from Physical attacks and Some Ninjutsu.]

RP Sample: [ Same Rp sample as before.

It has nearly been six months, six long hard working months, Full of freaking Bull crap and insanity in this idiotic stupid unionization.I have meant my few of foes, that I one day will destroy and exterminate into the pits of Oblivion.My former Colleges, Had been already promoted Genin, Yet I waited, it was only a matter of time until I became one as well.You see it is not that friendship, or love, Nor Urgency of happiness that makes one truly happy in the world it is how you define yourself.I myself Plan, Once I am a Jounin or Kage, to take over the world and to infect Dictatorship around my people and country, cause war win, infect bargains, Enslavement. It has always been my dream to do this. Always has been, The day I was born but I must wait it will come soon enough or I will be simply changed into a Happy Loving person, I am nine of age still and a Progeny as well as a Genin.I have been pushed and tossed like a bloody sea hawk, I was punched in the face by the teacher, Slammed into the wall, and Down on the ground, I have Indore radically punishment for my body at a young age, that most children will surely Cry From. It is my time current time to learn and Kill, To Assassination anyone I feel like, but the time is not yet ready my darling, I will Find this Creepy looking Teacher Ken, I will confront him.

It is the time of Clumping As I have Developed and Created a Poison that took me a few weeks to form. It was rarely Hard, but I manged it. It was rare to do soon. Unlike others I have a High Level IQ for my Age and Is able to Develop and act quickly, In high presser secretion.Now as I was saying, Upon getting the rank of Genin with the promotion I was given I was able to have my former Blade, re crafted and made longer, yet it's more heavily then it should be of course. But it will help me with my upper body strength and place me into a radically slow motion.In Walking and running.

Lastly I will be ending this section of show and tell by saying I have deposited a Gasp for the Poison like Elements The Dokuton element it is a rare element and only few use it.And few master it. It's quine and great for Basic users, But powerful to Nature and the envelopment as well to the user, once he or she has advance the level of Mastery over the element. And Now we must part, Fellow readers, Until next time when I have achieved the rank of Chuunin. May the Vampires eat your soul.]

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Erza Isadora :: Leader
Erza Isadora :: Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Ninjie Menio   Sat 29 Oct 2011, 4:03 pm

Approval granted unless otherwise stated

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Ninjie Menio
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