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 Aphrodite's Techs

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PostSubject: Aphrodite's Techs   Wed 23 Dec 2009, 6:58 am

Kekkei Genkai: The kekkei genkai of her unknown clan: The ability to control metal, using a mix of earth and fire.

Earth: The earth particals in the metal is used to be able to control, to mold the metal.

Fire: The fire heats the metal, making it possible to bend, and shift the metal.

This ability includes being able to make metal clones, and mold any metal-based weapon, making most weapon attacks on Aphrodite useless, as she is able to turn most of said attacks into scrap metal before they have a chance to cut into her skin. Having said that, Aphrodite carries a small pouch of metal around her waist, being able to pull, stretch, extend, condense, mold into any shape or form at any given time. By applying her chakra into her metal, she can do any of this

Aphrodite can also use fire and earth as seperate elements


Name: Earth Release- Servant of the Earth Jutsu

Rank: B

Users: Many ninjas

Type: Ninjutsu

Element: Earth

Description: By infusing high amounts of chakra into rock the ninja can temporairly animate the earth into a golem that would do his/or her bidding. Depending on the density of the rock and the ammount of chakra used will determine how stong it is. The caster of the jutsu can also control the golem's appearance. The golem can only use melee attacks and therefore can not attack using jutsu. Also those who have enough chakra to use can animate more than one golem at a time.

(Doton: Shinju Zanshu no Jutsu) - Earth Style: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Rank: D

Type: Ninjutsu

Range: Short

Description: The user, emerging from the ground below the target area, pulls down the opponent so that only their head is above ground. Unable to move, the opponent can easily be decapitated or tortured.

(Doton: Doryu Taiga) - Earth Style: Great Mud River
Rank: C

Type: Supplementary

Range: Short

Description: This jutsu can transform the ground upon which the enemy stands into a river of mud to throw them off balance.

(Doton: Tsuchi Kairo) - Earth Style: Earth Corridor

Rank: B

Description: This jutsu will cause the earth in the surrounding area to rise up and over a target and create a cavern or dome, imprisoning the target.


(Katon: Kasumi Endu no Jutsu) - Fire Style: Mist Covering Technique
Rank: D

Range: Short

Description: After performing the necessary hand seals, the user is able to create and blow a flammable gas from their lungs. Once it comes in contact with fire or sparks, the gas ignites into a large fireball.

(Katon Ninpo: Hibashiri) - Fire Style: Jet Flare
Rank: C

Type: Offense

Range: Mid

Description: This jutsu will create jets of fire that can be manipulated into several forms such as rings of fire to strike a target. Can also encircle the opponent in fire.

(Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu) - Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Rank: C

Type: Offense

Range: Short

Description: This jutsu sends multiple balls of fire at a target. It is also possible to hide shuriken within the fireballs, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack. For the most part, however, this jutsu is used as a distraction.

(Katon: Haisekisho) - Fire Style: Combustion Ash Cloud
Rank: B

Type: Offense

Range: Short/Mid

Description: The user spews superheated ash from their mouth. The ash is hot enough to cause third-degree burns on the victim. Because it's composed entirely of ash, it stays in the air around the victim like a cloud. If the user clicks his teeth, the stagnant ash will ignite, creating a violent explosion.

(Katon: Keshi Makuga Hara) - Fire Release: Exploding Flame Crater
Rank: A

Type: Offense

Range: Long

Description: The user first stomps on the ground, making an underground tunnel form between themselves and the opponent. They then breathe out fire into the tunnel, causing the fire to turn into lava as it travels. With a single hand seal, the lava will erupt from the ground underneath the opponent, engulfing them in lava.


Aphrodite is a trained medical ninja, something she aquired through her years of traing amougst the Bloodshed.

(Doku Ekiso) Poison Extraction Jutsu

Rank: B

Description:An advanced medical jutsu used when the user cannot make enough antidote to cope with a poison. This is used to extract a great deal of the poison from a body, and then the antidote can be administered.

(Chakra No Mesu) : Chakra Scalpel

Rank: B

Description:A more advanced medical jutsu that is used as a blade during surgery, so the skin does not have to be cut, and surgery can be performed simply without having to wait for external wounds to heal after the procedure is over.
Used for surgical procedures, however this can be used in battle also.When their charged hands reach the body of their target, they can extend the chakra internally into the targets body to cut and neatly slice their muscles and blood vessels without harming the surface skin.
This technique can be used in battle, but because of its hectic nature, the fine precision required for an instant kill is not feasible. Damage can still be done to the vital organs, but the technique should be used carefully in battle.

(Shousen No Jutsu) Mystical Palm Technique


Heals both minor internal and external wounds

Medical Ninjutsu - Strong Beam

Rank: A

Description: The user charges medical ninjutsu chakra like Shosen no jutsu, but shoots it at the opponent or uses it to block an incoming attack

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Aphrodite's Techs
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