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 Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List

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PostSubject: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   Wed 23 Dec 2009, 10:35 pm


Name: The Lunar Blade
This is the Luna Clans Custom weapon. The Weapon was created in the look of a falcion. The blade is rather oversized, but can still be weilded rather easily by someone who has been trained with it. The blade has an Extra pronge on the back for mostly show. The Sheathe is rather normal looking it is completely black jsut like the Hilt of the sword. Yet, the hilt and sword blade has Runes ingraved into it. This is the Luna clan's special blade held by the Clan leader at all times.
The Runes on the blade are very special. The blade has be ingraved to use Chakra to cast Illusions on teh Target if cut by the blade. The Charka will tranfer fromteh Runes to teh Target,unknown to the target, and used for a illusion that will last five posts at the most. The Luna runes can also be used as a sealing weapon like Fuuinjutsu. The weapon can be used with a Fuuinjutsu to create a very strong sealing jutsu.
Once, the old Clan leader died. The blade was passed down to Saiku. He still can't weild it. Since, he s so young, but once he has grow up a little he has use it perfect. The clan leader taught Saiku how to use the great blade right beofr e he died and that is why he passed it down to him.

Name: The Lunar Staff
A crystal staff that is the same hieght as older Saiku. This hiehgt is about 6'0 even. This Staff has Luna runes all over it as well.
Saiku also got this fromteh clan leader.


Name: Raiton Style: Body Release
Rank: D-Rank or Higher
Type: Supportive
Element: Lightning
This Techinque was Created by Saiku Arashhi Luna for one thing only. Saiku created teh Technique to Age his body to a point of were he could be put to good use. Knowing his Ten Year old body was weak and couldn't live up to teh Dangerous jutsu he would be learning. He needed a way to increase the Aging process on his body. Saiku would first do a number of handsigns, and then focus Lightning chakra through out his body. The lightning chakra would supercharge the celss of Saiku's body and rapidly age them. Once, Saiku has gotten to the Age he wants. He simply disables the Jutsu.
Drawbacks/Limits: This Technique can only be used once. Due, to the Massive Stress it places on the human body. Also, After the Technique is complete. The User's body will suffer side effects from it. Increased Reaction time, Increased speed, and increased Reflexes. Theses Side effects will alst forever and will have to be trained to use. The Training to master that is 500 words.

Last edited by Saiku Arashhi on Mon 28 Dec 2009, 5:27 am; edited 1 time in total
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Raizo Yotsuki

Raizo Yotsuki

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PostSubject: Re: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   Wed 23 Dec 2009, 11:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   Mon 28 Dec 2009, 5:41 am

Lightning Element


Wind Element

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Pandora Phobia

Pandora Phobia

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PostSubject: Re: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   Mon 28 Dec 2009, 5:32 pm

Kumosuku Enka no Jutsu: Approved, but I think that a line should be drawn for kekkei genkai-induced mist, fog, etc. ... I don't think such a kekkei genkai exists on this site yet, but just for reference. ^^

Ryuuraidan no Jutsu: ... So... like an instant death? Don't think I like that. maybe just.. fatally wounded. xD
Kaze Ya no Jutsu and Fuuton Kaze no Senbon: I don't like the fact that it can't be blocked or deflected. Couldn't a wind attack of equal strength deflect it?

Fuuton - Dai Kamaitachi: Same thing really. I don't like that it can repel ANY projectile attack. Sure, it could repel most... but I'm sure there are certain weapons that wouldn't be repelled. Like... Weapons... with special.. abilities. Of some sort... yeah. xD

Kaze no Yaiba: Same problem. Cannot be blocked. DISLIKE. D8

... Besides that. Approved~!
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PostSubject: Re: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   Mon 28 Dec 2009, 8:18 pm

Pandora, I will say a couple of things. >.>

Kumosuku Enka no Jutsu; I get what your saying. Yet, i saw there wasn't one. So, I placed this jutsu up.

Ryuuraidan no Jutsu; No not instant death. The Technique at full power and a direct hit to the chest WILL kill if not treated. So, Heart will mostly be shocke and slowly stop beating, or the person will go into a state of shock adn can't move. YEt, if the person is simply hit with an Indirect burst, Like arm or shoulder. That limb will be shocked bad enough to where it can't be moved for about 4 or 5 posts.

Kaze Ya no Jutsu and Fuuton Kaze no Senbon; The Wind techniques are pure wind with no soild form. They can be dodged, i also just copy and pasted form a site and didn't really read all of them through well. Yet, a wind technique could dispell them. Since, theses are not attached to my body they can be deflecte or blocked IF the person can see them, which simply means they need really good eye or a Kekkei Genkai.

Fuuton - Dai Kamaitachi; This is a B-ranked Technique. The wind in this condensed burst would most likely overpower anything that doesn't have a special ability to go against it. Yet, I doubt anyone would simply go," Hey, i think i will make a weapon that can go through anyhting and can't be blow away by wind." >.>

Kaze no Yaiba; This is a Condesned wind blade that is attached to my arm. The person woul would try to block with a blacde. My WIND blade would simply pharse through i. Since, it is made of WIND.

Pandora, i don't see why you are worried about not being blocked? I didn't say they couldn't dodge it. Mostly, everyone will have good enough eye sight to see them. Unless, of course there is a mist or something blocking there feild of vision. The senbons and Wind arrow are things that are shot. So, they can be blocking if the targeet does it right. If they simply cut at it. It will simply cut it into two things which would still hit the target. So, the target has to think a little bit when faced against things that can't be block. Not being able to block it is simply one hting off the table. They can still completely dodge it.
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PostSubject: Re: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   Wed 30 Dec 2009, 4:57 pm

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Hakushin Sion Terumi

Hakushin Sion Terumi

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PostSubject: Re: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   Sun 03 Jan 2010, 2:11 am

Bump for Alt. character.
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PostSubject: Re: Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List   

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Saiku's Weapon and Jutsu List
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